‘Trump Baby’ Gets Roasted On Twitter: Eric Trump’s ‘Little Luke’ Cruelly Called Ugly

“Trump baby” is a popular search term on Twitter, according to the suggestions offered by the social networking site. Even though the son of Eric and Lara Trump is barely five months old, that hasn’t stopped “Little Luke” from being relentless roasted by some people on Twitter. As reported by the Daily Mail, Luke hasn’t celebrated his five months on the planet yet, but he has been dressed up in Republican regalia by his parents. Lara, his 35-year-old mother, shared a photo on Instagram of Luke wearing a red and blue bib that deemed him a future Republican. Perhaps because Luke looks so much like his grandfather, he’s been the recipient of lots of vitriol by some Twitter users.

As seen in the below photo, Eric shared a picture of Luke to Twitter on Sunday, February 11, wishing the world a goodnight from Luke. With his fingers in his mouth and his hair swirled atop his head, Luke looks like an adorable baby to some folks who commented thusly beneath the photo.

Others, however, as seen in some of the Twitter tweets republished below, had harsh words to write about the baby. Many people begged others to stop sharing the photo of “baby Trump” on their Twitter timelines. Some called “baby Trump” ugly, while others defended the infant by attacking his attackers.

Certain Twitter users were quick to come to the defense of “baby Trump,” writing that little Luke could not help it if he looks like President Trump, nor is it the fault of the “Trump baby” that he was born into the Trump Family and enjoys a surname of Trump. As seen in the below tweets, some people were quick to defend and shield “baby Trump” from the barrage of insults.

People are expressing how bad they feel for such a young baby to become the target of such insults. Others are writing that the adults writing bad things about “baby Trump” should be ashamed for targeting a baby.

Downright cruel tweets about the “baby Trump” are being published, as witnessed by a search for “Trump baby” on Twitter.

Others are calling the “Trump baby” adorable.