Goats To Train As Caddies At Oregon Golf Course

The McVeigh’s Gauntlet golf course in Oregon will have new caddies this summer. And they are not the traditional human caddies this time but instead are goat caddies that will be trained to follow golfers and carry at least a couple of clubs for the seven-hole par-3s and -4s course expected to open this year.

The Retreat and Links at Silvies Valley Ranch in Silvies, Oregon, will have “professionally-trained” goats, which were all born and raised on the ranch. They will be instructed to hold tees, clubs, golf balls, drinks, and will accompany golfers throughout the course, according to Golf.

Dr. Scott Campbell, the veterinarian and owner of the Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch, said that they are taking the golf experience at Silvies Valley Ranch to a new level in 2018. He further said that they have been establishing a pioneer caddie training program with their head caddie, Bruce LeGoat, to ensure that he and his team are ready for the opening of The Gauntlet this summer, as noted by UPI.

The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch opened for golfers in the summer of 2017. It is a 34-room, Western-inspired eco-resort. It also features two reversible Dan Hixson-designed 18-hole courses.

The McVeigh’s Gauntlet, named after Myles McVeigh, has a 7-hole short course that golfers could play a quick round. McVeigh developed the homestead in the Silvies Valley and he is also a musician, according to Silvies.

Moreover, the ranch also has the Chief Egan, which is a mountain meadow 9-hole, par-3 course. The golf courses are designed for the golfers to enjoy the scenery while playing their games. And the training of the goats as caddies will indeed be a surprise for the golfers. It will be a very unusual experience. The official opening season for The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch is in April.

As for the goat caddies, Dr. Campbell asks if you could think of another course where its caddies where born, raised, and fully educated on the property. He assured golfers that they will get a caddie who knows the course and won’t give them any bad advice. He added that they work for peanuts.