Hope Hicks Copies Melania Trump's Wardrobe Choices As Ivanka 'Falls From Favor,' Writes 'Business Insider'

Hopes Hicks, Donald Trump's enigmatic White House communications director, who is often short on words, is presumably using fashion to do most of her talking as of late. Consequently, Hopes' dress choices are speaking loudly, according to a Business Insider report. The site says Hicks has evolved in her look by moving on from channeling Ivanka Trump's wardrobe and favoring Melania Trump's styling choices.

As the media pool has reported in recent days, the Trump administration came under fire for its handling of two ousted White House staffers who reportedly operated under the radar despite their histories of domestic violence. Hope Hicks is at the center of the fallout; she is rumored to be dating one of the former aides, Rob Porter, as NBC News reported.

Porter, who is twice divorced, was married to Jennie Willoughby and Colbie Holderness. Both women divulged their alleged experiences with assault and battery at the hands of Porter during their respective marriages.

The women complained of being "punched," "floored," and "choked," among other things, by Porter, who resigned abruptly in the wake of the damning news, according to the Daily Mail. Two days later, David Sorenson, a White House speechwriter, resigned under similar allegations of abuse, according to a VOA News report.

Multiple reports also surfaced that the men were not properly vetted and had a limited security clearance during his employment. White House officials and Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly denied any improprieties and said they were not aware of the aides' histories until the news broke that the allegations were "true."

While Hope has not responded publicly about the developing story -- and rumors about her alleged hand at crafting a controversial statement in defense of Porter -- sources say her fashion is doing all the talking and she has apparently taken a page out of Melania Trump's fashion playbook. The site updated its post from a January 29 publication.

The president, who insiders say, maintains a strong admiration for Hope Hicks -- for her tenacity and loyalty -- appeared to defend Porter. During a press conference, Trump said Porter was a hard worker and he and his staff "wish him well." Later, he took to Twitter and appeared to question the lack of "due process" for the two former staffers.

Caitlin Huey-Burns a national political writer with Real Clear Politics sat on a CNN panel Sunday night about the blowback from Porter's firing. The focus was on Donald Trump's alleged muted response and defense of the former aides.

Huey-Burns said the president's response is problematic. Furthermore, she believes the manner in which Trump supports several men at the center of domestic violence allegations and the #MeToo movement is "telling."

Days earlier, Huey-Burns tweeted about Trump's response.
Hicks is often described by sources as " elusive" she is not known to make public statements, yet, she is said to have a role in the narratives that emanate from the Oval Office. Excluding family members, the 29-year-old is said to be the longest-serving member of Trump's staff. Reportedly, Hicks has a photographic memory, thinks on her feet, and maintains White House protocol at all times.

While a string of past and present staffers have come under fire for a multiplicity of reasons, Hope Hicks has remained relatively insulated from the usual White House leaks and controversy that clouds staffers and associates who are ubiquitous in media circles.

From a fashion perspective, sources say Hope, a former fashion PR model, tried to "imitate" Ivanka Trump's style over the years. Apparently, her strategy has evolved.

"Hicks has apparently stopped taking fashion cues from Ivanka — and moved on to Melania Trump."
Trump's eldest daughter is known for her demure style and penchant for business-friendly choices. Hope is said to have adopted this style as a nod to Ivanka's fashion prowess.

However, during the president's first term, Ivanka came under fire for her lack of voice given to women's' causes. Furthermore, Ivanka is dogged by her relative passive support of the current movement, which has unveiled widespread and systemic sexual misconduct by powerful men in Hollywood and the private sector.

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are facing mounting legal troubles for alleged ties to Russian interests and questionable business practices. Sources say Hope, fearing the fall of Ivanka from the graces of the conservative base, changed her fashion sense to match the look that Melania Trump displays in public.
"As other members of the Trump administration have fallen by the wayside, Hicks has risen through the ranks. She knows how to evolve to stay in the good graces of the president — and right now, that looks like trying to copy Melania, not Ivanka."
Mrs. Trump has rapidly become a fashion barometer and she experiments with various styles, lines, angles, and designers. Fashion pundits say Melania Trump uses fashion to convey her mood and sentiment. For example, the first lady recently wore "suffragette white" to her husband's first State of the Union address on the heels of rumors about his 2006 affair with a former porn star.

Similarly, Hope Hicks wore an all-black ensemble after her rumored beau was fired from his White House role. It's unclear if the wardrobe choices signified a mood or were coincidental.

Ostensibly, Hope is mirroring the first lady's attire to separate herself from Ivanka's woes -- while mirroring Melania Trump's from a position of strength and resilience, as Business Insider wrote.
"So it shouldn't be that surprising that Hicks' new wardrobe is filled with Melania-inspired, high-fashion looks. The first lady's fashion sense is sleeker than Ivanka's, with more makeup and sharper angles.