'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Omarosa Has Wardrobe Malfunction, Accidentally Exposes Chest On Live Feeds

Omarosa had an embarrassing moment in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with spoilers indicating that the reality show veteran suffered a wardrobe malfunction that left her chest exposed, and some questioned whether she may have done it on purpose.

The incident happened when she was wearing a loose-fitting shirt that left her partially exposed for the show's ever-present live cameras. Some (mostly censored) screenshots of the malfunction showed up online, with the picture spreading across social media. It happened just after Omarosa returned to the home after a medical scare, one that some fans were worried might have taken her out of the game entirely.

As Hollywood Life noted, some fans questioned whether the wardrobe malfunction was accidental or intentional, possibly part of a larger plan to stay in the game. Omarosa's spot in the Celebrity Big Brother house was at risk this week, and she is especially vulnerable given that she just had to leave the house to be briefly hospitalized after reportedly suffering an asthma attack.

As Big Brother Network noted, Omarosa is up on the block for eviction and is seen as the top target. That led the site to suggest she may be looking for some drastic measures to turn her fortunes and stay in the game. In past seasons, the stronger players --- or even those perceived as stronger --- have been early targets for eviction, with many favorites eliminated within the first few weeks.

It's not exactly clear how a wardrobe malfunction could help her, but some fans seem to think that Omarosa may have been calculated in that move. And if there is anyone who knows how to spin a situation to her advantage, it would be the longtime Apprentice veteran.

While Omarosa may be the first person within this season's Celebrity Big Brother house to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, she is far from the only houseguest in the show's history to be seen in some state of undress on camera. With hundreds of cameras spread throughout the house and viewers watching around the clock, every season has contained occasional nudity, whether it is intentional or not.