Watch: CCTV Footage Caught Burning Russian Plane Falling From The Sky

A CCTV camera caught Saratov Airlines Flight 703 as it fell from the sky. All 71 passengers died in the burning Russian plane that crashed minutes after take off. Latest footage of the crash site has also been released.

On Sunday, Feb. 11, the Russian aircraft Antonov An-148 left Domodedovo Airport, but it disappeared from the radar 12 miles away from its takeoff location. The CCTV footage captured the image of the burning plane as it falls from the sky.

It’s difficult to identify the Russian aircraft due to the distance, but there is a burning object visible at the 14:27:05 timestamp. The object left a lot of smoke after it disappeared from sight and prior investigation revealed that the crash site was 37 miles away from the airport in Moscow.

One resident close to the crash site revealed she experienced a shock wave and the windows shook.

The aircraft was bound for Orsk, Urals. Authorities suspect that most of the passengers were from the city. As reported by Sky News, the plane took off at 11.22 a.m. local time. Five minutes into the flight, the plane was descending at a speed of 3,300 feet per minute before they lost contact with it.

In a new report by the same news agency, the flight tracker revealed that the plane has been cruising at 40 meters per second.

Sixty-five passengers, with ages 5 to 79, boarded the plane together with six crew members. Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov confirmed that there were no survivors and that it might take two to three months before they identify all the bodies from the crash.

The authorities have been working overnight despite the inclement weather, and the authorities had to install 36 flashlights at the crash site. It took the team some time to reach the crash site because they had to go by foot.

The Russian-made An-148 aircraft was already 7-years-old, and the air carrier bought it one year ago. It was out of service from 2015 to 2017 because of a shortage of parts.

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency claims that Saratov Airlines did not have any recent safety violations. While regional carriers do not adhere to the highest standards when it comes to safety, residents from the Urals often have no other option since the air carrier is the only one plying the Moscow-Orsk route.

The black box has been recovered, but the authorities have yet to confirm the cause of the Russian plane crash.