Pregnant Chrissy Teigen's Topless Salad Making Seen In Hilarious Post With Strategically Placed Bowls

It looks like Chrissy Teigen is trying to conjure up a few laughs with her latest Instagram picture along with how she captioned her latest image. Teigen, who is pregnant with her second child might be asking a bit much out of the salad bowls containing the leafy greens, but never-the-less she's got her salad making grin going strong.

According to People Magazine, Chrissy debuted "a hilarious new salad-making technique." It was Sunday when Chrissy had a hankering for a salad and decided to go all natural while doing a little salad tossing into a couple of bowls in her kitchen.

The model and author of her own cookbook said on her Instagram post, "Plz don't shame me I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life." If you ever wondered what someone would use the salad emoji for, you found your answer in Chrissy's photo.

The salad emojis weren't quite placed like the cups of a swimsuit, but they covered the essentials making Chrissy's salad making in the raw a family friendly eye-catcher. Her fans found this picture hilarious and even some notable names chimed in to tell Chrissy just what they thought of the raw food preparation she had going in her kitchen. Her salad making post can be found here on Chrissy Teigen's Instagram page.

While Chrissy was doing her salad prep in her birthday suit, you couldn't help notice how she had every hair in place with an impeccable makeup job on her face complete with bright red lipstick. The 32-year-old is married to John Legend, the singer, who is also somewhat of a cook with a knack for whipping up delicious chicken wings.

Legend appeared in the debut episode for Gwyneth Paltrow's Real Men Eat Goop video series and he gave a lesson on his Teigen-approved and oh-so mouth-watering chicken wings. Legend told Paltrow how "Chrissy loves" his recipe and he also shared that he loves making it.

It appeared that Paltrow and Legend had something in common, which was learned as he divulged his secret ingredient to his chicken wings. That would be Lawry's Seasoned Salt. Paltrow also confessed how she loved the product as well after she got into the habit of using Lawry's thanks to her dad, who was "obsessed with it," she shared.

Paltrow said she can't eat a baked potato to this day without the Lawry seasoning. Then as she watched Legend prepare his chicken she paid him a compliment --- "I didn't know raw chicken could smell good." Besides the Lawry seasoning, it is the "honey butter hot sauce" that Legend uses for his wings that make them so good.

This sauce was a duo effort between Teigen and Legend while she was writing her cookbook, which is simply named Cravings. Legend also shared that the hot sauce has "a lot of love in it."

According to ET Online, Teigen and Legend are awaiting baby number two who will make their first child, 1-year-old Luna, a big sister. Chrissy looks awfully happy in the picture with her bare baby bump peeking out from behind a towel. She appears to be anticipating sinking her teeth into that salad she just tossed up.