WWE News: Woman Accusing Enzo Amore Of Rape Releases YouTube Video

The WWE fired Enzo Amore last month after accusations that he raped a woman hit the news. While the WWE initially only suspended Amore, the fact that he did not tell the company that he was under a criminal investigation for the alleged crime is why they finally decided to fire him, despite the fact that Enzo was the central star of the company's 205 Live show on the WWE Network. The investigation against Amore is still ongoing, although his attorney has denied all the accusations and claims his client is innocent. The story took another turn on Saturday when the alleged Enzo Amore victim released a YouTube video where she talked about the charges and the outcome for her life.

The YouTube Video From Enzo Amore's Alleged Victim

The alleged Enzo Amore victim, Philomena Sheahan, posted the nine-minute video on Saturday, Feb. 10, and wrote in the description that she needed to get this off her chest and asked people to understand, although she then wrote that maybe she is "too mentally ill."

In the video, Sheahan started off with some quick cuts and edits to her emotional state before going into a discussion where she calls out people who lie about abuse and how that hurts the victims. She then admitted to being unreliable herself based on her past YouTube videos and understands why people believe Enzo Amore over her.

In those past videos, Sheahan apologizes for using the "N-word," talks about getting sober in rehab, and another features her talking about the time she faked a pregnancy. These stretch back a year, with the faked pregnancy YouTube video taking place just a month ago.

Sheahan then goes into detail about how she attempted suicide after the alleged assault. She said that she took 16 times more of the antidepressant, Trazadone, than was prescribed to her. She then said that the Enzo Amore case was the fourth time she had been sexually assaulted and wants "justice." Finally, the young woman said that she was 12 days sober when she made the video and was released from a mental hospital on Feb. 9.

WWE News: Woman Accusing Enzo Amore Of Rape Releases YouTube Video

The Charges Against Enzo Amore

Sheahan also claimed in the YouTube video that she never wanted this, saying that she would not ruin the WWE career of Enzo Amore for "two-seconds of unwanted fame." This isn't the first time that she has commented on the story, as she also did an interview with TMZ, talking about the allegations.

In that interview, she claims that she kept asking Enzo Amore to stop, but he refused. She said that she told Amore that she wanted to get to know him first and kept saying no. She said she started to cry and he threw her on the bed so hard that she passed out. She then pressed charges with the Phoenix police.

Forbes reported that the Phoenix police confirmed the police report was filed on Oct. 23 and they are still investigating the case against Enzo Amore. Since his WWE release, Enzo has only allowed his attorney to make any public comments on the allegations.