'This Is Us' Actor Logan Shroyer Talks Jack, Kevin, And How His Life Has Changed

This Is Us has become a phenomenon and fans everywhere have fallen in love with the adult Pearsons, as well as, the young Pearsons. Logan Shroyer is the teenage Kevin Pearson on the hit show and with Jack's death being a huge topic during Season 2, Shroyer has been getting a lot more screen time and his popularity is soaring. Logan has recently opened up about how he landed the role of Kevin, Milo Ventimiglia's much anticipated on-screen death, and how his life has changed with success.

People recently caught up with Logan to get the scoop for fans on how he was lucky enough to snag the part of Kevin that would forever change his life. Shroyer, 18, reveals that he actually almost missed his big audition for This Is Us. Logan says the opportunity presented itself at the very last minute when he had a packed schedule. He ultimately decided to cancel his dentist appointment so he could make the audition.

Shroyer was so perfect for the audition it only took one tryout and the part was his. After auditioning around Halloween in 2015, Logan got the call the next day offering him the part. When they called, they told him to get a '90s style haircut and blue contacts to make his brown eyes match Justin Hartley's eye color.

Logan feels like having two little brothers helped make the task of playing Kevin pretty easy for him. Logan also said, "This Is Us has been the biggest blessing ever to be able to learn from people above me like that — that are so good at what they do. What a blessing to work with such good writing as well."

Vulture spoke with Logan as well about what life has been like since becoming Kevin. Shroyer says playing Kevin and being on set with such an incredible cast has been amazing. He says even though he is still in acting class, he feels like people can see how hard he is working and it is paying off. While everyone would think he gets noticed constantly while out in public, Logan says he is more of a homebody and doesn't go out in public too much. He admits it happens sometimes that a fan will approach him, but not near as much as Milo.

Logan shares he has spent some time with his older counterpart, Justin Hartley. He says Justin has been great at telling him to just run with the character. While he admits he has studied some of Justin's mannerisms, he says he has not been coached by Hartley at all. Logan also says he is okay with Kevin having a not so flattering side to him because being the good guy all the time can get old.

As for Jack's big death, Logan was not a part of the big fire scenes, but he says he was there watching and showing support to his co-stars. Shroyer even says the Super Bowl episode was so secretive they were not sent electronic scripts and the hard copies were sent over on red paper so they could not be scanned in. He says there is some great material coming for the rest of the season as well that fans won't want to miss.

Shroyer says he and his castmates have become very close and Milo really is somewhat of a father figure to them all. He says he talks to him a lot and he is just an overall great guy. Just like everyone else around the globe, Logan believes the cast for This Is Us was perfectly cast.

There are just a few episodes left of Season 2 and This Is Us will return to NBC after the Winter Olympics.