Tax Refund Tracker: Find Out When Your Refund Will Arrive In Your Bank Account, Prepaid Card, Or By Mail

If you have already filed your taxes, there’s a good chance you’re wondering when you will get your refund. The IRS started processing returns on January 29, so many people who filed on, or before, that date should receive their refund within 21 business days. However, there are some taxpayers who may have their refunds delayed if they took advantage of certain tax credits. And then there’s the possibility that your refund may never make it into your bank account due to a garnishment order or to repay delinquent taxes.

There are two ways to check the status of your tax refund if you are anxious to find out when — and if — your money will arrive. Whether you requested a check, direct deposit into your bank account, or to have the funds loaded onto a prepaid debit card, scroll down to find the information you need to have available to you use the IRS’s online refund status tool or mobile app.

2018 Tax Refund Status

Delayed or garnished tax returns

Before you find out when your money will arrive, keep in mind, not all taxpayers will get their refunds within 21 days. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, anyone who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and/or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) will have their refund held by the IRS until February 15.

In addition to a delay, the US Tax Center reports that there are several reasons your tax refund may never make it into your bank account. The IRS can garnish your refund to pay back any money you owe from previous tax seasons, for past due alimony, or delinquent child support. If there is money left after paying your debt, you will get the reduced amount refunded via the payment method you chose when you filed your tax return.

How to check the status of your tax refund

To find out when your refund will arrive, the IRS needs to know the exact amount of your expected refund, your social security number, and your filing status (married, head of household, single, or qualifying widow with dependent child).

Enter that information into the Internal Revenue Service’s online refund status tool, or download the free IRS2Go mobile app for the iPhone and Android devices. Taxpayers can also call the IRS’s refund hotline toll-free (1-800-829-1954) to obtain refund information.

Refund information is updated nightly and is available approximately 24 hours after the IRS accepts your e-filed tax return. If you filed by mail, expect your refund information to update approximately four weeks after the IRS receives your paper return.