WWE News: John Morrison Admits That He Has Failed In Branding Himself As A Wrestler

Ever since winning the 2003 Tough Enough competition alongside Matt Cappotelli, John Hennigan has been one of the most exciting names to see in a professional wrestling ring. In his 15 years as a wrestler, Hennigan has earned many accomplishments for a number of pro wrestling promotions. In fact, at one point in time, he held the major championships for numerous promotions simultaneously.

Just within the past year, Hennigan was the Lucha Underground Champion for the Lucha Underground promotion, as well as the AAA Mega Champion, while also holding the AAA Latin American Championship and AAA World Cruiserweight Championship. In addition to dominating the Lucha market, he also is a top title holder in another part of the world, as he is the current 5 Star Wrestling Champion in the United Kingdom.

While in the WWE, Hennigan won the ECW Championship, as well as the Intercontinental Championship and Tag Team Championship as Johnny Nitro. He would get this name while being affiliated with Eric Bischoff while he was General Manager of Raw (he was previously known as Johnny Blaze and Johnny Spade), and popularize it by teaming with Joey Mercury as MNM with Melina as the manager.

In July of 2007, he rebranded himself as John Morrison on ECW, which was a play off of the late rock star Jim Morrison. “Press Agent” Paul McBride announced during the ECW broadcast that fans will not get to see Johnny Nitro again, because he has officially changed his name to John Morrison, and he appeared with a modified look.

John Morrison ECW Champion

Despite having so much success, there is one thing that Hennigan regrets looking back at his career as a whole. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Hennigan stated that he does not own any variation of his name, whether it be Johnny World, Johnny Mundo (his name in Lucha Underground), John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Blaze, or Johnny Impact (the name he currently uses in Impact Wrestling). He was then asked why he does not use his actual name.

“If I had my career to do over again, I think, at this point, I would,” said Morrison. “Because if there was like a, some sort of like brand testing associated with pro wrestling, I would hardcore fail that test, because I’ve had so many names that it’s confusing to me even. I don’t even know how to introduce myself to people on the phone, depending who I’m talking to.”

He admits that the branding of his name matters, but he is happy that fans still appreciate his work in the ring.