Man Raped Teen Dying From Overdose, Then Sent Photos Of Her Naked Body To Friends While Laughing

A Washington state man has been charged with the manslaughter of a teenage girl who died from a drug overdose. Brian Roberto Varela is also being charged for raping the victim, Alyssa Mae Noceda, in addition to controlled substance homicide.

Varela, 19, sent text messages to coworkers after he raped 18-year-old Noceda, joking about her tragic condition.

“LOL I think she OD’d, still breathing, I’m smashing her to pass the time,” the disturbing texts read.

Varela also sent half-naked photos of Noceda to his coworkers, who was either already dead, or minutes from passing. Noceda had purple lips in the photos and was laying on her back with only underwear on, according to People.

Just after the rape, Varela used Noceda’s lifeless finger to break into her cellphone. To try and cover up his crime, Varela then went into the victim’s Snapchat account and sent out messages pretending to be her. Noceda’s mother had put out an announcement on Facebook claiming that her daughter was missing, so Varela sent out the Snapchat messages saying she had decided to run away.

Noceda’s mother, Gina Pierson, had last seen her daughter on Saturday when she left their home. According to the Daily Herald, Pierson knew something bad would happen after her daughter left that fateful night.

The next morning, Varela woke up next to Noceda’s dead body and then went to work at Dairy Queen, where he told a coworker the events of the previous evening. Varela was nervous it would look like he had raped Noceda because he didn’t “know if she was alive or dead.”

After work, Varela went back to his home where he broke Noceda’s legs so he could stuff her into a plastic crate, according to a Dairy Queen coworker. He also washed her body in an attempt to cover up any DNA evidence. Varela planned to bury the body, but it was discovered after one of Varela’s coworker’s girlfriends alerted authorities.

After being apprehended by the police, Varela admitted to sending the Snapchats and of disposing of Noceda’s cell phone behind the Dairy Queen where he worked. He told police Noceda had overdosed after snorting crushed pills and concentrated THC.

Varela was arrested on Tuesday for investigation of rape, manslaughter, and homicide by a controlled substance. He is currently being held on $500,000 bail, and a court date has not yet been scheduled.