Carrie Underwood Fans Notice Face Injury In Photo, Point Out 'Mark' On Left Cheek

Carrie Underwood fans think they notice her face injury in one of three photos that have been shared of the singer-songwriter since she fell back in November. After revealing to fans that she injured both her wrist and her face during the fall outside of her Tennessee home on November 10, 2017, fans have been encouraging Carrie Underwood to not hide her face injury, which she warned fans is "gruesome." However, in one photo of Carrie Underwood that has surfaced since she shared that she might "look a bit different," fans point out her face injury, saying that they notice a "mark" on the left side of her face.

While Carrie Underwood, 34, has since shared a photo of her broken wrist on social media since she took her "hard fall," she refuses to show her entire face in a photo. In two out of three photos that have surfaced on social media since Carrie Underwood fell three months ago, only the right side of her face has been visible. In another photo that Carrie Underwood shared on Instagram in December, most of her face is covered with a scarf, allegedly to "keep warm." Even though Carrie Underwood never revealed to fans exactly where she needed up to 50 stitches on her face, a photo that was shared by Below Deck star Adrienne Gang in mid-December has several fans thinking they can see her face injury.

The Inquisitr previously shared that Carrie Underwood was wearing a brace on her right hand in Gang's Twitter photo, possibly from the broken wrist she had suffered, but fans also believe they can see a scar from her face injury on her left cheek. Although Gang revealed that Carrie Underwood "looked amazing" with no visible signs of a face injury in the photo, that was posted about a month after her fall, fans notice an obvious "mark" on the left side of her face. A comment on Gang's photo started the discussion about Carrie Underwood's face injury after asking how she could possibly have had 40 to 50 stitches on her face only three weeks before the photo was taken.

One comment immediately pointed out that Carrie Underwood's face injury could be seen on the "far side of her face" not completely visible to the camera. Another comment pointed out that a "mark" can be seen on her left cheek and that she "used her good side" to take the photo. Other comments confirm that there is "something" noticeable on the left side of Carrie Underwood's face, although Gang reportedly shared that she "had no idea" and "couldn't tell" that Underwood had suffered a face injury. Gang also noted that she wasn't really paying attention.

After Carrie Underwood shared another photo on Instagram on Saturday, also with the left side of her face hidden from view, fans encouraged her to show her entire face. One fan commented that Carrie Underwood could be a "role model" for "young girls" who also have "scars or disfigurements" and that fans "love" Underwood "for who she is" and not how she looks. With the ongoing mystery surrounding Carrie Underwood's face injury and her supposed "different look," other fans support her choice to not show her face until she's ready, saying that it's not anyone's "business."

The Inquisitr previously reported that Carrie Underwood's face injury is reportedly "healing well" and that the scar on her face is not that noticeable with the "tiniest bit of concealer."

Hollywood Life shared a larger and more up-close version of the photo of Carrie Underwood taken with Adrienne Gang that more visibly shows the alleged "mark" that fans are convinced they see on her left cheek.