Prince William Claims His ‘Mental Health Would Be Tested With Twins’ — Confirming Kate Is Expecting One Baby

Sleep is soon to be at a minimum again at Prince William and Kate’s home as it won’t be long before this arm of the Royal Family will soon bring their third child into the world. At a recent event, Prince William shared a few quips about his home life with Kate and his two children as they get ready for their third child.

Kate is due to deliver their baby in April and Prince William said that he is “getting as much sleep as I can” right now. When asked about Kate possibly having twin babies, William said: “Twins? I think my mental health would be tested with twins,” according to New Idea.

Prince William openly shared his thoughts on twin babies while he played host at Kensington Palace this week. The future king hosted the annual awards ceremony for Centerpoint, which is a homeless charity that was near and dear to Princess Diana’s heart. It was easy to picture Prince William and Kate as hands-on parents after William shared his quips on sleep or lack of it. This is something that all parents have experienced at one time or another.

The couple is bringing up their children together as hands-on parents and while they have help, the majority of mom and dad stuff is done by Kate and William. This is a different scenario from past generations when it comes to raising royal children, as reported in Hello Magazine.

Prince William and his brother were raised with the help of a nanny, who they became very close to. The nanny was so much a part of their childhood years that Prince Harry even brought Meghan Markle to meet her once they became engaged, as reported by the Daily Mail. The woman that Prince William and Prince Harry call Tiggy, was employed by Prince Charles to look after his boys back in 1993.

Back in 1996, William “asked his warring parents” not to attend a school event and instead, he invited Tiggy. It appears that William, along with Kate’s help, is avoiding having anyone else replacing them as full-time parents to their royal children. Kate, on the other hand, grew up with both parents being hands-on and this is the parenting style she is adamant about repeating, which is something she made known even before their first child was born.

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After Prince William was so forthcoming about catching up on his sleep and how his “mental health would be tested” if twins were on the way, this appears to offer-up evidence that William is a real hands-on dad. These are definitely the side-effects of being a hands-on parent.