Crystal Kindle: Mother Faces 129 Years In Prison For Prostituting Her Own Young Daughters For Drug Money

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Crystal Kindle could be spending the next 129 years in prison after the 39-year-old mother pleaded guilty to prostituting her own young daughters in exchange for money she used to fuel her drug habit.

The Ohio woman pleaded guilty to several counts related to sex trafficking of her daughters, including compelling prostitution and illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material. As reported, the woman began sharing nude pictures of one of the victims to a man named Ronald Payne in exchange for money. She then began taking her 12-year-old daughter to Payne to be sexually assaulted.

Payne then gave Crystal Kindle a choice, saying she could bring her 15-year-old daughter instead if she did not want the 12-year-old to be subjected to sexual abuse. Kindle agreed and the older daughter was then assaulted as well. Payne has already been sentenced to 30 years in prison for crimes against the children, the report noted.

Kindle’s guilty plea came as something of a surprise as she appeared to be ready to go to trial, reported.

Crystal Kindle is not the only woman making headlines recently for promoting horrific abuse of her own children. Earlier this month, a woman named Jerrica Lackey was sentenced to 25 years for sexually abusing her 16-month-old daughter and sharing video of the abuse with a man she met online. Lackey told investigators that the man, who she met on the Kik app, asked her to share pictures of her changing the infant’s diaper, which progressed to her sharing images of sexually abusing the girl.


The abuse photos were discovered by the baby’s father, who confronted Lackey. The mother eventually called police to report the abuse herself and pleaded guilty to the charges as part of a plea deal. The baby has since gone to live with her father, while Lackey’s other children were placed with relatives.


Crystal Kindle will be sentenced for prostituting her young daughters when she returns to court at the end of March. She faces a minimum of 10 years and could receive up to 129 years in prison for all the charges if served consecutively, reported. She also faces fines of up to $225,000.