Woman Insists Her ‘Sexual Activity’ In Dog Video Is Worded All Wrong In Court

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A woman who made a graphic home video with her Golden Labrador became upset when the “sexual activity” depicted in this video was misconstrued as a woman “having sex with a dog.” The video included this dog owner using whip cream among other things in a graphic video discovered by police. When Suzy Cairns spoke at her recent sentencing hearing at the Livingston Sheriff Court she was incensed over what was implied and exaggerated in this case.

According to Fox News, the 39-year-old Scotish woman pleaded guilty to possessing “extreme pornographic images depicting in an explicit way a female engaging in sexual activity with a dog.” The Daily Mail reports Cairns filmed herself “engaging in sexual activity with her dog.” Her gripe in court was how people are wording the activities. They are saying that she had “sex with her dog” and she didn’t, she was adamant that she didn’t go all the way with her pet.

According to Cairns, “sex with a dog” means having intercourse and she stated that there was “no intercourse with the dog.” This is what she told the court on her behalf at her court sentencing.

Suzy Cairns was originally being investigated for having images of child pornography when a video of her and her dog was discovered. Detectives from Scotland’s Cyber Crime Unit got a tip that the IP address belonging to Cairns was used to access images of children deemed “indecent.”

A search warrant was obtained and the detectives seized her phone. Once the phone was examed the indecent photos along with other images were found, Cairns was arrested on a few different charges. The judge recognized that Cairns was ashamed and embarrassed by this incident, which was described in detail by her lawyer.

She admitted to having the indecent pictures of the children and pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing pornographic material between the months of February 2016 and April 2017.

She was also very remorseful for what she had done, which the judge pointed out in court before handing down her sentence. Taking Cairne’s remorse into consideration, along with the fact that she had no previous conviction, the judge said as follows.

“I’m prepared to take into account there were not a large number of images and you’ve got no previous convictions, so I am not today going to deprive you of your liberty.”

Cairns skirted jail time but she will have to live with this embarrassment while out in the community. Part of her sentencing includes staying on a sex offender’s registry for three years.

She also is under strict conditions when it comes to being in the company of children under 16. Restrictions when it comes to electronic devices that have access to the Internet were also part of her sentencing.

Cairns will have a supervisor overseeing her in community service in lieu of prison time. The social worker she’s assigned to will also monitor Cairns who will have appointments to promote her rehabilitation. As her lawyer told reporters, “She now has the ignominy of having a conviction like this to her name.”