‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Chuck Liddell Reveals Who He Doesn’t Want To See In The Finale

Chuck Liddell’s surprising Celebrity Big Brother elimination has him rethinking some of his moves—and maybe some of his friendships. The MMA fighter was up on the block against his real-life pal, James Maslow, for the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction when the house flipped the vote at the last minute and sent him home. Now, in a post-show interview with TV Guide, Chuck Liddell says James can’t be trusted in the game, and he thinks Shannon Elizabeth, who spearheaded the last-minute vote switch, may have cost herself her game by saving him.

“I don’t think she can trust James as much as she could trust me, so I think it’s going to cost her,” Liddell told TV Guide. “I think he’s going to take her out as soon as he can.”

Unlike most evicted houseguests on Big Brother, Chuck Liddell gets to watch Celebrity Big Brother from home even though he is a member of the jury who will crown the winner of the $250,000 grand prize. Liddell said he wants to see a player who brings a strong game, as well as “the cleanest game to get there” as the show’s inaugural winner. Unfortunately, that could mean he may not vote for James Maslow should he make it to the end of the Big Brother game.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers

Maslow is playing a strong social game and he has the potential to be a competition beast, but Chuck isn’t thrilled with some of the backstabbing that has been going on in the Big Brother house.

“At this point, I hope James doesn’t make it there,” Chuck said of the Celebrity Big Brother finale.

“I mean, it was one of those things that it is a game, and I heard he threw me under the bus pretty bad. But it is a game and I’ll get over it by then. But I thought he went a little hard for someone I am friends with outside the house.”

Chuck Liddell has already revealed that he plans to watch the previous Celebrity Big Brother episodes to see what went down behind his back when he was in the house. Chuck may base his vote on what he sees on the tapes as he weighs it against future gameplay. Still, it’s surprising that Liddell is already saying he doesn’t want to see James Maslow in the running for the show’s $250,000 grand prize.

Liddell previously told Entertainment Weekly he is friends with James Maslow outside of the Celebrity Big Brother house, and he was surprised to see him on the opening night of the CBS reality show.

“James [is] a friend of mine and I know him outside the house,” Chuck told EW. “I met him through a mutual friend and we hung out quite a few times. I have his number in my phone. I’ve known him for a while…Neither one of us had any idea we were going to be in the house.”

Chuck Liddell and James Maslow downplayed their real-life friendship while they were in the Celebrity Big Brother house together. While they would have been a natural alliance, now it seems Chuck may not even want to give James his vote should he make it to the end of the Celebrity Big Brother game.

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