'Lives Are Being Shattered': New Twist In Donald Trump Domestic Violence Defense And Affair Scandals

Sandra Hajda

Donald Trump and Melania Trump have hardly been seen together since explosive allegations emerged suggesting that not only did Donald Trump have an affair with a porn star while Melania was nursing their newborn son Barron in 2006, but he then paid the woman -- Stormy Daniels -- $130,000, in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, to keep quiet about the alleged affair.

Trump encountered a lot of hostility from the press throughout his presidential bid, and it's definitely true that the last thing he needed in 2016 was a slew of stories about infidelities, cover-ups, and trysts with a sex worker.

Reports from last week claimed that Melania was devastated and walked out on Trump when she heard the news about the alleged affair. There were also reports that Melania chose not to accompany Trump to Davos, Switzerland because she was so furious about the allegations. Some media figures and sources opined that it did not look like the first couple would reconcile and we may be witnessing the start of a marriage breakdown in the White House.

Now, a Daily Mail report claims that the first couple appears to have reconciled. Donald and Melania were spotted heading into the Trump International Hotel on Sunday.

One image shows Melania looking happy and appearing to enjoy herself, according to the Daily Mail. The first lady smiles as they enter the hotel and people rush to snap pictures.

One commenter claimed -- possibly in jest -- that the woman the Daily Mail says is Melania is not really her, but a stunt double.

"It's her stunt double. The real Melania is home with Barron refreshing their bank accounts."

The Stormy Daniels scandal is not the only one presently surrounding Trump.

President Trump raised eyebrows this week when he defended two former White House staffers who were accused of domestic abuse by their ex-wives.

The president tweeted that people's lives are being shattered by such allegations. The president made a plea for due process, implying that the accused are being vilified without a proper hearing in a court of law, which is their right as citizens of a free and civilized society. Trump asserts that lives can be destroyed by such allegations, and reminds his Twitter followers that accusations like these should not be taken lightly or believed automatically -- the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Trump sent the tweet on Saturday.

The president has come under fire over allegation about his own treatment of women, both during his campaign and during his presidency. The allegations generally date back to the time before Trump was president, and range from a claim that he bragged about "grabbing [women] by the p***y," a claim that he would walk in on barely-clad beauty contestants participating in his pageants, stories that he groped people, and a bizarre claim that he paid prostitutes to urinate on a bed out of spite for Michelle and Barack Obama. Trump was also accused of being rude to Rosie O'Donnell, Hillary Clinton, and several female media figures throughout his campaign.

Not everyone is enraged. One commenter agreed with Trump's tweet defending the White House aides.

"I completely agree with President Trump defending his 2 former staffers. These types of 'allegations' should be handled in the justice system and NOT in the media. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? ANYONE can make ALLEGATIONS against another human being. But that doesn't mean that they're true. I'll only believe those allegations when evidence proves them to be true in a court of law..."