'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations Revealed -- Omarosa Out Of Hospital, On The Block!

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that the week 2 nominations are in, and as predicted, HoH Ross Matthews nominated Omarosa Manigault and Keshia Knight Pulliam but might have his eye on a surprising backdoor target if one of them wins the Power of Veto. Big Brother social media has been on fire today wondering when or if Omarosa would return from the hospital after an HoH bowling injury and asthma attack sent her to the ER.

Omarosa Using Injury As Strategy?

Longtime reality TV fans might recognize this as a ploy that Omarosa has used before way back on Season 1 of The Apprentice. During a renovation project, a miniscule amount of debris fell on Omarosa's head and it turned into a major television event. She insisted she had a headache and concussion and couldn't work. Although Omarosa said she was wounded and went for an MRI, a recap by Medium said that Trump revealed in the boardroom she wasn't hurt, despite her claims.

The other Apprentice candidates were irritated because Omarosa slacked off on work after the incident and didn't help the team. Her complaints about headaches and concussion continued over the next few episodes before she was finally fired by Trump in the boardroom. Some on social media have dredged up the ancient reality TV history wondering if Omarosa might be gaming the Big Brother system similarly. The CBB US houseguests also had their theories on why Omarosa might not return.

Houseguests And Fans Questioned Her Return

Celebrity Big Brother fans and houseguests alike were debating all day whether the reality TV villain would be coming back to the BB house and shared theories on why Omarosa might cut and run. Despite never having seen an episode of BB, Metta is fast catching on to the nuances of the game. Today he told Keshia that he felt like Omarosa was cracking because she "had no control and she don't like that." He added that in the BB house "there's nothing you can do" and said this wasn't the "game for her."

Tons of fans were active on Twitter today hopeful that she wouldn't quit. Even those that don't care for Omarosa admitted she's good TV and expressed that Big Brother would be boring without her. After production installed humidifiers to help with her asthma, Omarosa returned but went straight to bed for a nap. This prompted another round of comments on BB Twitter that she was pulling an Audrey maneuver by hiding in bed hoping to avoid inevitable nomination and possible eviction.

Omarosa Napped, Showered, Got Nominated

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds showed that Marissa complained that Omarosa got to spend the night out of the BB house and claimed the ex-White House staffer probably got better sleep than the rest of them. CBS production locked the houseguests down in the HoH this afternoon to install humidifiers in one of the bedrooms to help with Omarosa's asthma and then they released the HGs and Oma returned.

While she napped, the other HGs tiptoed around but then Omarosa got up, showered, and presumably put on her big girl pants to face the nomination ceremony. Metta has been advocating all day for Ross to nominate Shannon and James instead of Keshia and Omarosa, saying both are stronger players than the girls. Ross later reported this conversation to Shannon but didn't give her the whole truth, just the info about Metta wanting her on the block. In the end, though, Ross stuck with his original plan.

Week 2 Backdoor Plans Brewing

CBB US spoilers from the live feeds indicate that if Omarosa or Keshia can pull themselves off the chopping block, Ross may not put Metta up in their place. Instead, he's cooked up a scheme to backdoor uber-strong player Shannon. This isn't too bad of a plan since she's a sly superfan who knows what she's doing. Ross talked this plan over with his allies while discussing who he would nominate if Oma didn't return. But once she came back into the house, the die was cast and the two ladies went up on the block.

Keshia told Metta that she's ready to go home to be with her young daughter. Live feeders have shown her looking for private places to pump breast milk, so that's another challenge the new mom is dealing with in addition to separation anxiety. Keshia promised Metta that she would fight to save her game, but wouldn't be upset if she wound up evicted. There's less than 48 hours til the next live eviction so it won't be too long now. Live feed followers should know sometime on Sunday who wins the PoV and who's the likely renom, if needed.

Catch up now on the latest CBB US spoilers including Ross' plan to target the black houseguests and how this might be interpreted, plus a look at Brandi's anti-Semitic actions targeting Marissa. Tune into CBS tomorrow night for the next episode of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition and check back often for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.