Lil Wayne, Neiman Marcus Push New Young Money Merch Joint Venture Forward

After releasing a new album and a merchandise capsule in December 2017, Lil Wayne announced on February 10 that he will also be collaborating with retailer Neiman Marcus to release new Young Money Merch.

According to Lil Wayne's Twitter account, he is excited to move forward with the Young Money Merch and Neiman Marcus deal, but details or previews of the actual exclusive merchandise are sparse.

For example, Lil Wayne linked to the Young Money Merch Twitter page, but it only displayed one post from April 2017.

Despite this, only a couple of months earlier, XXL Mag announced that Young Money Merch was loaded with a wide list of items sold specifically for Lil Wayne's Dedication 6 album release merchandise capsule.

Alternatively, the Young Money Merch website gives some ideas about what Lil Wayne and Neiman Marcus might produce from their collaboration. For instance, Young Money Merch has sold clothing accessories, sweatshirts, shoes, and hats.

Although Lil Wayne has merchandise with his logo, Young Money Merch is specifically for the record label Lil Wayne owns. Other artists on Young Money Records include Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Christina Milian.

However, this is far from Lil Wayne's first venture in the clothing business. In addition to merchandise for his tours, Lil Wayne also owns the Trukfit clothing company.

Lil Wayne funky style
Lil Wayne's self-described sense of style is 'funky.'

Lil Wayne has also collaborated with major fashion retailers in the past. In 2012, Lil Wayne teamed up with Neiman Marcus competitor Macy's for a Trukfit line, according to Rolling Stone.

Lil Wayne also has recent personal connections to the upper echelons of the arts world, according to Billboard and the Associated Press. For instance, in December 2017, Lil Wayne and Drake performed at Art Basel in Miami, and the three-day citywide event was attended by Queen Elizabeth's granddaughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Lil Wayne also owns Trukfit.
Lil Wayne's recent collaboration with Neiman Marcus is separate from his Trukfit clothing line.

A preview for the February 16 release of a Young Money Merch clothing line through Neiman Marcus is still not available, but long-time Lil Wayne fans know he has stayed true to his original clothing release philosophy.

Namely, when Lil Wayne was set to release his first clothing line in 2011 called Rebirth, Lil Wayne stated his designs were "funky" -- and this sense of style is still reflected in many of his clothing lines since that time.

In addition to his venture with Neiman Marcus, Lil Wayne has other current businesses such as investment in Tidal, ownership of Young Money Records, and Young Money Sports.

According to fan-generated blog Lil Wayne HQ, Weezy has also dabbled in the past with businesses such as Supra shoes, Wiz and Ope watches, and the Sqvad Up game app.