‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Billy Flynn On Justice For Andre, Chad Suspects Stefan Framed Gabi For Murder

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the investigation into Andre DiMera’s (Thaao Penghlis) death is ongoing, even with an arrest. Video surveillance makes it seem like Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) is guilty. However, she insists that she is not guilty of killing the soap opera villain. Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) bails her out of jail, but wants someone to pay for his brother’s murder. Even if Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) is innocent, Chad wouldn’t mind his new sibling taking the fall for the crime.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, actor Billy Flynn discussed Andre’s murder and Gabi’s arrest. Even though Chad bails the fashionista out of jail, fans shouldn’t worry about his motivations. It has nothing to do with his former feelings for her. What makes him believe in Gabi’s innocence is that she rejects a plea deal. Flynn also explained that helping Gabi is his way of dealing with Andre’s death.

“Chad always gets stuck putting other people’s situations before his own. I think with the situation with Gabi, Chad is trying to piece it all together, and his way of taking his mind off of what happened with his brother is to assume that she didn’t do it. What reason would she have?”

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Gabi did have a reason. She and Andre never got along, going all the way back to when “Chabi” were still an item. As fans recall, Abigail (Marci Miller) came back from the dead. Andre did what he could to push “Chabby” back together. However, some viewers thought it was part of his own selfish agenda.

That isn’t the only reason Andre and Gabi had issues. Right after she signed the paperwork for Gabi Chic to join DiMera Enterprises, Andre fired her. The company she created from scratch was suddenly gone due to a technicality. Gabi was so angry she vented about making him pay, SoapCentral reported. However, there is a good chance that Gabi didn’t do it and someone really is framing her.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Stefan is determined to make Abigail believe that Gabi is guilty. Even though the evidence doesn’t look good, Abby has a hard time thinking her best friend killed Andre. This convinces Chad that Stefan is the one who is setting up Gabi. He think that his new brother is the real killer.

“I think Chad’s just looking for any reason because of his hatred for Stefan. At the same time, as much as he’s saying Gabi didn’t do it because of his gut instinct, he’s saying Stefan did because of his gut instinct. Of course he did it. But even playing it, there’s really no reason for Chad to think that Stefan did it or is a part of it, but he’s sort of like, ‘Screw that guy, he’s a problem.’”

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chad and Abigail try to focus on Valentine’s Day. They agree not to talk about Andre’s murder while at Doug’s Place. However, Stefan shows up and seems rather cozy with the district attorney. This rubs Chad the wrong way and he becomes even more convinced of his brother’s guilt.

“At this point, he seems Stefan come in and take his house, try to take his brother away from him, his wife away from him, everything. Chad might be paranoid, but he sees Stefan as trying to take away everything he cares about.”

Billy Flynn teased DOOL spoilers, saying that by the end of next week, Chad will be determined to get justice for Andre. Even if Stefan isn’t guilty, Chad would be okay with him taking the fall. This is making fans wonder if Chad will go the extra mile to make sure Stefan is implicated. The only way to find out is to keep watching the NBC soap opera.

Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.