‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Omarosa Returns To The House, But May Have To Turn Villain To Stay In Game

Omarosa is back in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but some spoilers indicate that her place in the house could be at risk and she may have to pull back on her days as a reality television villain in order to stay in the game.

The reality television veteran and former Donald Trump White House member was hospitalized this week after reportedly suffering an asthma attack. It was initially unclear how long she could be out or whether she would have to withdraw from the competition, but Hollywood Reporter noted on Saturday afternoon that she has returned to the house.

Omarosa had been injured during the Head of Household competition, which led the show’s live feeds to be down for several hours, keeping fans in the dark about what was happening.

But though she has returned, the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers indicate that her place in the house is at serious risk. As Big Brother Network reported, Omarosa is about to go on the eviction block and is considered the top target. That led to some immediate speculation that she was trying to bow out on her own rather than face the embarrassment of being evicted.

The report noted that her best chance of remaining in the game may be to tap into her reputation as a cutthroat villain of reality television, one that helped her excel on Donald Trump’s Apprentice franchise.

As other fans note, there is always a chance that CBS might interfere on her behalf. The show’s producers have been known to take a hands-on approach to the game at times, leaning on houseguests to keep some contestants who are good for ratings — including the infamous Evel Dick, the brash houseguest who brought big ratings and got a bit of help when producers helped convince another contestant to spare him in the game.

Omarosa has already made headlines for sharing details about her time in Trump’s White House and her criticisms of Trump, so keeping her in the show would guarantee that Celebrity Big Brother continues to generate headlines.

The Celebrity Big Brother spoilers regarding Omarosa will become more clear in the coming days, when the nominations for eviction are made and the Power of Veto competition is held.