LG V30s Might Get An AI Camera Upgrade, But It May Not Be Enough To Save The Company's Mobile Division

Devina Belle

LG mobile fans might see an upgraded version of the V30 at the 2018 Mobile World Congress. The updated version, dubbed the LG V30s, may sport an AI camera with a new feature. The LGV30s might give the Korean tech company a fighting chance against its mobile rivals, like Samsung.

Rumors of the upgraded LG V30, aka the LG V30s, was first reported by Phone Radar. According to the site, the new smartphone's main upgrades will focus on its camera.

The LG V30s might come with an AI camera which will work in tandem with the company's new camera feature. The new LG handset will reportedly introduce the LG Lens to the world, which performs similarly to Bixby vision, seen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, or the Google Lens on the Pixel 2.

Bixby Vision allows phone users to translate text in pictures and use their photographs to shop for items, among other cool features, reported Android Central. The LG Lens attempts to expand on the central concepts of Bixby vision. LG's version can scan bar and QR codes and give consumers a direct link to the items they want to purchase or links featuring similar products.

It is no secret that LG's mobile division is in trouble. Just recently, the Korean tech company announced that it would stop unveiling new handsets every year. LG's mobile unit is now focused on upgrading its top-tier smartphones. The LG V30s will be the first handset released by the Korean company after the announcement.

Based on the rumored upgrades, however, this new strategy might not help revive LG's mobile division. The Korean tech company will have to push the envelope and come up with revolutionary ideas to keep up with the likes of Apple's iPhone X and Samsung's Galaxy S line.

The LG V30s might be revealed at MWC 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. Rumors suggest that it will come in a 256 GB variant like the V30 Signature Edition. For extra storage, the phone will allegedly come with a MicroSD slot as well. Only time will tell if these small upgrades are enough to revive consumers' interest in LG smartphones.