Tori Roloff Pregnancy Rumors: Social Media Post Sparks Speculation Among Fans That Tori Is Pregnant Again

Tori RoloffInstagram
Tori Roloff could be pregnant again, with the reality television star’s social media post sparking new speculation among fans.

The star of Little People, Big World has been caring for her 9-month-old son and sharing some updates with fans on social media. This week, she told followers that she was dealing with some nipple pain during breastfeeding, asking for some pointers on how to mitigate that pain.

As InTouch noted, she got some tips from fans but also led many other fans to speculate that it could actually be a sign that she is pregnant again.

“Nipple pain… either he’s not latched good, or you’re pregnant again,” the fan wrote. “Seen both happen, trust me.”

Nipple sensitivity is considered an early indicator of pregnancy, which sparked the interest of some of Roloff’s fans. Another suggested that she take a pregnancy test just to be safe.

Tori Roloff did not respond directly to the questions of whether she might be pregnant, though she did thank everyone who shared advice on how to help deal with the discomfort.

As Radar Online noted, this is not the first time that Tori Roloff has sparked rumors that she might be pregnant with her second child. Back in January, Tori posted a picture on Instagram of Zach Roloff playing on the floor with baby Jackson, and used some curious wording.

In the caption, she noted that she loves how Zach “gets down and plays with his kids,” with many fans thinking that she picked the plural form on purpose as a hint that she is pregnant again. Others thought it was just a common phrase that she did not mean to be taken literally.

While there is plenty of speculation that the Little People, Big World star could be pregnant again, Tori Roloff has not given any direct indication that she is expecting her second child. And there has been plenty of speculation surrounding the couple, with frequent tabloid reports about their relationship and plans for children — many of which never panned out. So fans are taking the latest speculation with a grain of salt.