‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feed Spoilers: Marissa Makes Holocaust Joke About Being Gassed In HOH Room

Cliff LipsonCBS

Much to the chagrin of her fellow Celebrity Big Brother cast members, Marissa Jaret Winokur made a Holocaust joke as the group was sequestered and waiting for production staff to let them out of the CBB US Head of Household (HOH) room.

It is unclear exactly what was taking place in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house during the lockdown, however, at around 2:43 p.m. CBB US time, the live feeds went dark, according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

About 10 minutes later, the feeds returned as the houseguests watched the HOH monitor for any sign of “them,” reports Joker’s Updates.

On CBS All Access live feeds, at approximately 3 p.m., the Celebrity Big Brother cast members could be heard speaking about the HOH competition they completed the night before and parts of the costumes they wore that they’d like to keep from the challenge.

As they spoke, someone made mention of a humidifier in the room, which led to Marissa making an off-color joke about the Holocaust. She said the following after someone commented about the gadget’s purpose.

“Or they’re just gassing us up. This is how they got all the Jews in the Holocaust.”

The second the words came out of her mouth, groans, moans and the words “Oh Marissa” could collectively be heard emanating from each and every Celebrity Big Brother houseguest in the room.


Marissa realized her faux pas and sheepishly said, “Sorry,” as another houseguest yelled, “No!” and Mark McGrath growled, “F***!”

This prompted Marissa to say, “Okay, okay,” and Brandi Glanville to ask Marissa, “Is that really how they did it?”

Most of the other CBB US cast members seemed uncomfortable and somewhat disappointed in Marissa’s attempt at humor and quickly moved on to other topics of conversation.

The HOH lockdown finally ended at around 3:24 p.m. resulting in most of the Celebrity Big Brother castmates leaving the room to scatter throughout the CBB US house.


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