Lisa Rinna Scantily Clad In Bikini At 54 Sparks Confusion — It Doesn’t Look Like Swimsuit To Some Folks

Rich FuryAP Images

Lisa Rinna is well known through a few generations, and even if you don’t recognize her by name, you will most likely recognize her face. She’s a former soap star and present-day reality star with Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

It also helps that she has quite a presence on social media. According to the Daily Mail, “Lisa Rinna loves to post risque images to Instagram,” and she did it once again on Friday, but this time around it came with a bit of confusion.

The picture was posted just after an argument she had with her daughter on RHOBH. It was a rather odd argument, almost the polar opposite of an argument that plays out often in homes across the nation if there is a teen in the house.

Rinna’s 16-year-old daughter Amelia is seen begging her mother not to make her get her driver’s permit. She doesn’t want a driver’s license, but Lisa is pushing for her to get one. Apparently, it is for a very good reason when it comes to life in Hollywood… “the Tesla should be coming soon.”

In regular, non-showbiz households, it is the teen who is usually doing the begging for their license and it is the apprehensive parent that needs to be hounded before that wish is granted. Amelia’s complaint — her parents are making her grow up too fast.

After the argument played out, Lisa retreated into her bathroom where she donned a lacy number and snapped away at the bathroom mirror. She looked nothing less than “sizzling hot” — at least that’s how Daily Mail describes the picture.

Despite Lisa captioning the picture “Thanks for the swimsuit @pilyqswim,” people weren’t too sure if it was a swimsuit they were looking at. Some thought it looked as if Lisa had on just bra and panties. As the Daily Mail suggests, this made for a “confusing post.”

Lisa has posted quite a few pictures of herself in different bikinis, many taken in the same bathroom mirror as the one in her latest IG post, so that room has become well known to her fans. But one of the assets that Lisa is really popular for is her plump lips. As TV Guide once said about the actress “Lisa Rinna is as famous for her acting as she is for her lips (if not more so).”