February 10, 2018
Sorry, Ladies, Chris Mazdzer Has A Girlfriend, But He's Still Nice To Look At

Chris Mazdzer very well might be Team USA's newest heartthrob. The 29-year-old athlete is competing in the luge competition in PyeongChang, South Korea and is currently on pace to win a medal. While many people are simply impressed with the skill that it takes to complete a luge run, others simply can't get enough of Mazdzer, who happens to be very easy on the eyes.

Mazdzer made his Olympic debut at the Vancouver Olympics back in 2010 but finished in 13th place. The unlucky number became a bit of a thing for him, as he finished 13th again in Sochi in 2014. The 2018 Winter Games mark his third Olympic appearance, and he seems to have made some serious adjustments to his luge game. In the 2015-2016 season, he took home two World Cups and finished fourth at Worlds, officially kissing the number 13 goodbye. He is currently a serious gold medal contender.

As he looks forward to landing on the podium in the coming days, several viewers find themselves curious about him. Mazdzer has a killer smile and is very charismatic, which led to several Google searches about who he is and who he is dating.

Well, here are your answers. Mazdzer is from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He loves traveling and staying active. When he is not snowboarding, he enjoys other outdoor activities like hiking and cliff jumping. His favorite place to visit in the world is Vietnam, according to his official bio on NBC's Olympics website.

And now for the question that you really didn't want the answer to. We hate to be the ones to break your heart, but Mazdzer does have a girlfriend (well, of course, he does!). He is dating Mara Marian. So, who is Mazdzer's lucky lady?

When she is not posing in matching pajamas with her main man, the Romanian-born brunette is busy working as an event planner at Fuse Weddings and Events in Utah, according to her Instagram page. And speaking of Instagram, her account is filled with pictures of her and her guy, the two looking like they are very much in love.

Could an engagement be in the near future? It certainly seems that way.