Victoria Beckham Confirms The Spice Girls Aren’t Going On A Reunion Tour

Brenda Chase/StringerGetty Images

The opportunities surrounding the Spice Girls recent reunion are seemingly endless, but one thing’s for certain: The group is not going to be touring.

Original member Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) was the first to get speculation going by posting a snap of the group reuniting at the home of Geri Horner (Ginger Spice) on Instagram, and now, she’s breaking word of what won’t be occurring.

Speaking to Vogue Magazine, Beckham stated, “I’m not going on tour. The girls aren’t going on tour. It was so great to see the girls. We had such a fun lunch. It was really, really, really lovely. I still speak to them all individually, but for us all to get together was really lovely.”

Reportedly initially hesitant to rejoin the group, Beckham has expressed she’s now fully on-board with the reunion, according to TMZ, but she also specified that she would only come back to the Spice Girls if she wouldn’t be singing. Rumor had it that the group was planning a tour that would start in England, before coming stateside sometime in 2019.

As for what the group has planned, Beckham expressed, “There’s something so strong in the message of what the Spice Girls stood for. What is that in the future? What does that look like? We were just bouncing ideas around. Brainstorming.”

Other reports, like one with The Sun, have the girls doing everything from creating an American Idol-like reality series, to starting their own record label.

“The girls all brought their ideas to the table and that included Mel C (Sporty Spice) raising the prospect of a Spice Girls record label,” The Sun noted.

“It went down very well because they are all excited about backing up-and-coming talent, possibly even new girl bands. This reunion is all about securing the Spice Girls legacy, and their own company could be one way to do that.”

Whatever does occur, Horner just seems to be happy that the Spice Girls reunion is finally a-go.

“We all pushed for it [during the 20th anniversary of single “Wannabe”], like, ‘Come on, let’s try and make it happen.’ It didn’t. You get to a point where you go, ‘Do you know what, just let it go.’ And I was having a baby. I’d really sort of let it go,” she told reporters.