‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: HoH Ross Matthews Targets All The Black Houseguests For Eviction

'CBB US' live feeds reveal Metta "escaped" from the house but was allowed back in and Omarosa may be nominated while in hospital.

'CBB US' live feeds reveal Metta "escaped" from the house but was allowed back in and Omarosa may be nominated while in hospital.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that week two HoH Ross Matthews and ride-or-die sidekick Marissa Jaret Winokur are making a bold plan to evict a minority houseguest that is making waves on Big Brother social media. This is a stark reversal of the pair’s concerns over drawing racial lines in the CBB US house in advance of Friday night’s live eviction of Chuck Liddell. Unless something drastic changes, today’s nomination ceremony should see two of the three black houseguests on the chopping block and the third as a backup in case one of them comes down with the PoV.

Black Houseguests Blindsided By Live Eviction

As Inquisitr reported, Marissa was concerned about flipping the vote and evicting Chuck over James. She knew this would blindside Keshia Knight Pulliam and Omarosa Manigault. Marissa told Ross it would be “disgusting” to even unintentionally establish a scenario where the black houseguests were pitted against the whites. This rationale had them initially fighting the vote flip that Shannon Elizabeth was pushing to save James. In the end, Marissa and Ross flipped and did vote to evict Chuck.

At last night’s first live eviction from the CBB US house, Keshia’s jaw dropped when she heard that James only had one vote to evict. Omarosa was also clearly stunned since she knew that vote was from her. Metta would have voted with her, but he didn’t understand that you vote for who you want to evict, not who you want to stay. Metta voted for Chuck but intended to try and save him. The former NFL baller has never seen an episode of Big Brother and refused the offer of prior season DVDs from CBS.

Ross Targets All Three Black Houseguests

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Ross and Marissa seemed to have abandoned any concerns they had about the house dividing along racial lines as they made their nomination plans. Last night while talking in the HoH room, Marissa and Ross discussed going head-on by nominating Omarosa and Keshia so that they had a chance to play for the veto and pull themselves off the block. Metta asked to be nominated, but Ross said not this round but promised he could be the third evicted.

CBB US live feeds watchers are aware that Metta wants to leave, has effectively quit the game twice and even “escaped” from the Big Brother house once, but was allowed to re-enter by CBS production. With a willing evictee, it’s unclear why the celebrity HGs aren’t putting up Metta alongside a pawn knowing Metta will throw the PoV so he can leave on Monday. This would allow the tension in the house time to dissipate, but Ross seems intent, as of this writing, on making a big move instead.

Omarosa May Be Nominated In Absentia

Other CBB US spoilers reveal that Omarosa is still not back in the Big Brother house causing some on social media to compare this to BB19‘s Christmas Abbott being out of the house. TMZ reported that Omarosa is hospitalized and that CBS hasn’t responded to their requests for information. So long as Oma doesn’t quit or isn’t removed from the game for medical reasons, then Ross should be in the clear to nominate her even if she can’t be at the ceremony.

Other chatter in the BB house this morning between Keshia and Metta reveal that Keshia thinks Omarosa may have turned on her. Since Metta doesn’t seem to keep up with reality TV, Keshia filled him in on Omarosa’s history as a “super villain” and told him that if Oma stabs her in the back, the black community will hate her even more than they already do, according to Jokers Updates. They also discussed that Omarosa was upset because she wasn’t in control of the house.

Celebrity Big Brother Week 2 HoH Ross

Nominations Coming Soon

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers indicate that Live Feeds watchers should be the first to know when the nomination ceremony occurs. Sunday night’s show will include the nomination ceremony, and Monday’s show will feature the PoV comp and then another live eviction. As of this writing, the plan for Ross to nominate Keshia and Omarosa seems firm, with the rest of his alliance agreeing it’s the best path forward. The only change will be if Oma leaves the game and Metta becomes the backup nominee.

Catch up on the last CBB US scoop on Brandi’s anti-Semitic charades and be sure to tune into CBS Sunday night to see the HoH comp and nomination ceremony and on Monday night for another live eviction from the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house. Check back often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.