Carmelo Anthony And La La Vasquez Have Separated [Rumor]

Following Kevin Garnett’s unsavory comments to Carmelo Anthony during the Celtics’ 102-96 victory against the Knicks, there are now reports that Anthony and his wife, La La Vasquez, have separated.

A friend of the couple told Page Six that the two have been living separately, and that Vasquez has been filming her show, La La’s Full Court Life in London, New York, and Los Angeles. The friend said that even though they are living apart, they are still together.

Another source also said that the two have been living separately for months, and that while Vasquez used to go her husband’s games, now she is “always off doing her own thing.” Apparently, this has included going to Miami and Mexico with friends, something that Anthony is reportedly “angry” about.

Another hint that the the couple have separated is the fact that they have put a halt to their apartment search. According to the Huffington Post, the couple were looking at apartments in TriBeCa. But now it seems they have stopped looking.

“During the summer they were looking for a new apartment constantly,” a source said. “About two months ago, that completely dried up. They don’t even return their brokers’ phone calls anymore.”

Still, the best evidence that the couple is still together — or at least that there has been no infidelity on her part, as has been speculated — comes from LaLa Vasquez herself. The actress and television personality tweeted Thursday:

She also posted a picture of the tweet on Instagram.

For his part, Anthony was suspended for one game for his post-game confrontation with Garnett, but hasn’t commented on Garnett’s remarks.