Carrie Underwood Posts First Photo Since Face Injury

Carrie Underwood has posted the very first photo of herself since she fell on her front stairs, broke her wrist, and injured her face. The country music star took to Instagram on Saturday, February 10, to share a couple of photos -- but the one thing that people were hoping to see wasn't visible. Underwood kept her face shielded from the camera, clearly still not ready to debut her post-injury look.

When she fell, Underwood suffered a sizable gash in her face, one that required over 50 stitches. Since that time, Underwood has been focused on healing, but it probably hasn't been easy for her to look in the mirror and see her face look so drastically different.

A few weeks ago, Underwood took to her blog to let her fans know that she might look a little bit different the next time that they see her. She hasn't been ready to share a picture of her face, nor has she stepped out in public since that time. Although there was a picture of her post-accident, she hasn't posted anything herself -- and there certainly hasn't been any selfies.

Her latest Instagram post is a set of two photos. The first shows Underwood doing a squat in her home gym, while her son, Isaiah, does a squat of his own. The second is a picture of Underwood's husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, doing a push-up while Isaiah attempts one, laying on his belly in front of his dad.

In Underwood's picture, her face is turned to the side as she looks at her little boy. While this is indeed the first photo that she has posted of herself since her nasty fall, it still seems clear that she is not ready to show the world her face.

Interestingly, for those that think that Underwood might be pregnant, she doesn't appear to have a baby bump in this new photo, although it is sort of hard to see her mid-section. It does look like she is in great shape and that she's been dedicated to keeping her body fit during the past couple of months of taking it easy.

What Underwood did offer was a key tip to getting killer legs. Using an exercise band for resistance whilst doing squats seems to be the way to go!