Twitter Mocks Donald Trump For Old Chris Brown, Rihanna Abuse Tweet In Light Of Rob Porter Scandal

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Twitter users regularly dig through the president’s old tweets to find inflammatory comments which contradict his current policies.

In light of Trump’s public support of Rob Porter, the White House staff secretary who resigned on Wednesday amid domestic abuse allegations from two ex-wives, Twitter went back nearly six years into his timeline and dug up comments where he once condemned Chris Brown, a well-known abuser.

To recap, Chris Brown infamously beat Rihanna, his then-girlfriend of two years, in 2009 after getting into a heated argument with her during a car ride. The photos of Rihanna’s bruised and bloodied face soon went viral, after TMZ broke the story.

In 2012, three years after Chris Brown was convicted of a felony for the altercation, the lovestruck couple briefly reconciled, much to the ire of the public — Rihanna’s fans especially. Many people warned her that if Chris Brown had hit her once, he would do it again. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump was one of these people, taking to Twitter to express his concern for Rihanna taking Chris Brown back.

“If @rihanna is dating @chrisbrown again then she has a death wish. A beater is always a beater–just watch!”

Once Donald Trump’s tweet was unearthed, it didn’t take long at all for people to point out the contrast between the president’s condemnation of Chris Brown and his support for Rob Porter. Previously, Trump gave a statement claiming that Porter was “innocent,” according to The Wrap.

“He says he’s innocent and I think you have to remember that.”

“We wish him well. He worked very hard. I found out about it recently and I was surprised by it. But we certainly wish him well, it’s obviously a tough time for him,” Trump added. “He did a very good job when he was in the White House and we hope he has a wonderful career. It was very sad when we heard about it and certainly, he’s also very sad.”


In response, CNN anchor Jake Tapper retweeted Trump’s old tweet and quoted the words, “A beater is always a beater.”As of writing time, Tapper’s tweet has accumulated nearly 50,000 likes. Many of the comments, of which there are over 17,000, are mocking Donald Trump’s empathetic attitude towards Porter. Some people are even implying that Donald Trump’s decision to condemn Chris Brown is because he’s black.


Not all of the comments have been in support of Chris Brown. Some people have defended that the difference in Trump’s attitude is because Chris Brown admitted to and served time for his crimes, while Porter’s allegations have yet to be proven.

Donald Trump has yet to respond to this newest wave of criticism. Chris Brown, who has been known to speak out against Donald Trump in the past, hasn’t either.

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