Meghan Markle Redefines Fashion and The Monarchy

Over the years Kate Middleton has been a hallmark of all things fashion forward. Her choice of garment has driven entire markets as items that are seen on her personage sell out with breathtaking rapidity.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry's enchanting future bride Meghan Markle has been having her own effect on the fashion world, shaking it to its core with every outfit that adorns her. The hounds of fashion lunge at every chance to identify her clothes, jewelry, and various accessories. The hunger for more is insatiable as the world claws and raves for it, creating a highly profitable and speculative market for anything and everything that she wears.

When the time comes for Meghan Markle to take her pick of the royal jewelry, while steeped in tradition, and according to the Telegraph, she will no doubt make it her own, adding a dash of her own magnificent and distinctive style.

At present, Kate Middleton is still more widely known than Meghan Markle, her renown having been secured by her marriage to Prince William. However, Meghan Markle is quickly catching up, earning more attention and representing her own brand of interest as her wedding to Prince Harry draws closer by the day.

In some ways, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton represent two different spheres. Meghan's husband to be is a true Prince of the people, and Meghan herself is comparatively much more relatable than Middleton. As reported by People, the clothes she wears, while unquestionably high end and riddled with designer labels, her wardrobe is generally much more attainable than the lofty heights of Kate Middleton's attire. Meghan's Everlane leather tote, and Kamik Sienna snow boots priced at $165, and $96 respectively, have been scarfed up with great zeal and are comparatively much more affordable than the articles of Middleton's excellent albeit exorbitant tastes.

In this way, and in others, Meghan Markle represents something closer to the people, someone who they can relate to on a more casual level. Meghan has been known to shop at J.Crew, and Marks & Spencer, which is comparable to Macy's. Middleton's style, while undeniably exceptional, can be seen as lofty to the point of being untouchable. In contrast, Meghan Markle's style is something that every woman can aspire to.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan's style is sharp yet conservative and is reshaping certain corners of fashion by bringing them closer to the people. Meghan makes the heights Mount Olympus look closer to the ground and is a beacon of style, as well as hope and positivity. These qualities will be valuable to the Monarchy as some have come to see it as a stale circus of buffoonery of no benefit to the common man and woman.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can sway this perception, and she is off to a most excellent start. The Monarchy will never be the same in the traditional sense, but together they can make it more appealing and give it a new sense of meaning and place in the modern world.