The International Olympics Commission gets to keep being sexists – no female ski jumpers allowed

I’m sorry but I have to say this from the very beginning – this is utter and total bullshit.

Word has come down from the British Columbia Court of Appeals that the International Olympics Commissions can not be forced to allow female ski jumpers on the grounds that their rules go against the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Justice Ann Rowles, one of the three appeal court judges who heard the case over the last two days, said she was aware a decision was needed quickly. Reasons for the decision will be released next week.

The women could seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, but lawyer Ross Clark, who is representing the ski jumpers, said such an appeal would need to overcome a lot of hurdles.

The appeal to B.C.’s highest court was an attempt to overturn a B.C. Supreme Court decision that found that while excluding the women from competing is discriminatory, the International Olympic Committee is not subject to the Charter and cannot be forced to hold a women’s ski jumping event.

Source:The Toronto Star

I’m not blaming the British Columbia Court of Appeals for their decision because in fact they were right. However that doesn’t change the fact that the IOC policy against female ski jumpers is archaic and just plain wrong. The IOC argument has always been thatthere are not enough competitions to merit making a woman’s ski jumping an Olympic sport.

Like I said at the beginning this is bullshit and the IOC is totally wrong in excluding woman from participating in a female ski jumping category.