Trump Is Just A ‘Military Costume’ Short Of A ‘Dictator’ Suggests Bill Maher As He Rains On Trump’s Parade

Evan VucciAP Images

Late-night hosts and talk show comedians have pulled plenty of material for jokes from Donald Trump’s daily activities since he first put his hat in the ring for the race to the White House. After more than a year in the Oval Office, Trump still continues to be a source of hit material when it comes to enticing a few laughs for these venues.

Bill Maher exercised his rights to throw a few digs Trump’s way on his HBO show Friday night by using Trump’s call for a military parade as a source for some quips. The Real Time with Bill Maher host told the audience that there was one item that remains on the “Dictator’s Checklist” that Trump still had not checked off. So what was that item?

That would be a “military costume,” which is something you see leaders of other countries wearing while taking their place among the troops in military parades. Trump’s idea to have a military parade was spawned from his visit to France when he attended the Bastille Day parade, which was held in July, according to Fox News.

Trump is pro-military and claims his wish for a parade is all about honoring the military. Then there are those folks who think the parade is more about Trump himself, suggests a recent article in the Washington Post. The same article also warns parade-watchers.

“As far as Dear Leader Trump is concerned, anyone who fails to cheer as the bands play and the troops march by will surely be guilty of treason.”

The Post reports that “Trump has been hectoring the nation’s top military leaders to give him a huge martial parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.” Trump’s parade wish appears to have supplied a treasure trove of material in the last week for talk show hosts on the numerous TV and cable networks.

Trump wasn’t the only one in Maher’s scope on his Friday night show. According to The Wrap, Maher also mocked Devin Nunes with a list of “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” This list included gag quotes that were made up for enticing laughs.

Maher read from the list of the 25 things you didn’t know about Nunes as if it were written in Nunes’ own words. A few examples of what Maher read off this list appear below.

  • “I was eating Tide Pods way before it was a ‘thing.'”
  • “When they told me they were putting me on the Intelligence Committee my first reaction was ‘ha-ha, guys, good one.'”
  • “My high school nickname was ‘Flock of Seagulls.'”

Some of the entries on this list were a bit graphic and used vulgar language, but it was apparently all done in the name of comedy.