‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Live Feed Spoilers: Week 2 HOH Winner Revealed, And Player Is Injured During Challenge

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Celebrity Big Brother live feeds were down Friday night for more than five hours as houseguests took part in the second Head of Household (HOH) competition of the season. When the feeds finally returned, the Week 2 HOH victor was in bed with a fellow cast member discussing the colossal win. Their conversation also revealed that one houseguest sustained an injury during the competition.

At about 3:04 a.m. Celebrity Big Brother time, live feeds from inside the house returned. Ross Mathews and Marisa Jaret Winokur were seen conversing and laughing in the HOH bed, according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

Marisa could be heard congratulating Ross over and over on his performance in the HOH challenge, telling him they both “killed it,” reports Joker’s Updates. It was evident from their banter that Ross won the HOH competition.

Nonetheless, Ross could be heard on CBS All Access live feeds telling Marissa they will not become “power trippy” because of his HOH win.

At one point during the conversation, Marisa made a comment about presumably injuring Omarosa and sending her to the hospital, however, Celebrity Big Brother production staff quickly cut the live feeds as she spoke about the incident.

According to Joker’s Updates, Marisa also said Omarosa was going to be fine but did not clarify exactly what happened or exactly how Omarosa was hurt.

As Marisa and Ross talked about his HOH victory, they mentioned spinning, balls, and bowling. Thus, Big Brother fan site Hamsterwatch tweeted that the challenge sounded like “dizzy spinny bowling.”


Marisa also told Ross they were the “heroes tonight,” reiterating she beat Omarosa in the competition and he beat out Metta World Peace. According to Marisa, the other cast members were very impressed with the way both of them performed. She also noted that although she didn’t win the entire competition, she won her round by bowling her “a** off” against Omarosa.

Ross Mathews won the second HOH challenge of Celebrity Big Brother
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Giggling, Marisa said to Ross, “This is hilarious that you and I knocked out those people,” which made Ross laugh hysterically.

The exact HOH competition that took place and the nature of Omarosa’s injury should be revealed sometime Saturday. It is likely that the Power of Veto (POV) competition will also take place sometime today.

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