‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Marisa Jaret Winokur Tells Omarosa, ‘I Had A Dream You Were Paid $1 Million’

Cliff LipsonCBS

On Friday night, following the surprise eviction of UFC great Chuck Liddell, Celebrity Big Brother houseguests contemplated the game and discussed alliances made so far. A conversation between Tony Award winner Marisa Jaret Winokur and Omarosa took a somewhat strange turn when the two talked about a dream Marisa had about the former Trump White House aide and her CBB US paycheck.

At 7:41 p.m. Celebrity Big Brother house time, the women sat in the kitchen area discussing eviction votes. At one point Omarosa could be heard on CBS All Access live feeds bringing up a dream Marisa mentioned to her previously, asking if Marisa told her about it as premeditated strategy.

Marisa noted the dream was two days ago and then clarified, “Was it that you got paid $1 million?”

Omarosa responded by saying, “You had the same dream as two other people… they mentioned that to me.”

Marisa was blown away by Omarosa’s allegation, proclaiming, “No!” She added, “I had a dream you were paid a million dollars and I was paid nothing.” Marisa continued by saying during the dream she was asking herself, “Wait… she got paid a million?” She then said, “That was my dream.”

As they spoke, Omarosa whispered she would talk to her about it later.

According to Marisa, she likely had the dream because the houseguests had been discussing the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother and how each cast member is paid different amounts of money to participate.


Media reports about Omarosa’s Celebrity Big Brother paycheck have varied greatly, however, Radar Online asserts that Omarosa inked a $1 million deal for CBB US that also includes her very own talk show pilot.

If true, this makes Marisa’s dream eerily strange, as media outlets did not begin reporting Omarosa’s presumed payout until after Celebrity Big Brother houseguests were tucked away in sequester away from outside information and influence.

TMZ reported Omarosa’s payout for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is the same as the other houseguests. According to the report, each is given $200,000 simply for entering the house and the longer they stay in the game, the more money they make.


In addition, each is vying for the grand prize of $250,000 so overall, the winner will be paid around $500,000 in total, according to TMZ.

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