‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Metta World Peace Claims He Voted For Chuck Liddell To Stay In House During Eviction

Cliff LipsonCBS

During a live eviction episode on Friday night, Chuck Liddell was the first player to be booted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Houseguest and basketball legend Metta World Peace was one of the cast members who entered the Diary Room during the eviction process and announced he was voting for Chuck. Following the eviction, Metta was clearly upset, claiming he thought he had voted for Chuck to remain in the CBB US house.

Chuck was not initially the intended target for eviction, so when the votes dramatically switched at the 11th hour, several houseguests, including Keshia Knight Pulliam and Omarosa, were blindsided by the move, thinking James Maslow was headed home.

After the eviction, in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition gym, the two women confronted Metta, asking him who convinced him to send Chuck home.

At about 7:04 p.m. CBB US house time, Omarosa could be heard on CBS All Access live feeds asking Metta, “How did you get pulled into their stuff.” Perplexed, Metta responded by saying, “I voted for Chuck… Why would I vote for James?” The women told Metta that James is a major threat in the house.

“I voted for Chuck to stay,” Metta argued.

In unison, Keshia and Omarosa firmly stated, “No. You voted for Chuck to go!”

Metta insisted he said he wanted Chuck to stay and began to curse when the women explained to him that when he said Chuck’s name to Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen, that meant he wanted Chuck to go home.


Nevertheless, Metta continued to insist, “I said I vote for Chuck to stay… that’s what I said.”

It was clear Keshia and Omarosa weren’t sure of what to make of Metta’s stance, so they went back to discussing how they were going to play the CBB US game going forward.


Metta, still pondering what had happened, asked the two women, “I said ‘I vote Chuck.’ That means Chuck goes?”

Omarosa quietly answered, “Yeah.”


It is unclear if Metta was simply trying to cover his tracks and not let on that he was in on the plan of the majority alliance, or if he was being earnest and simply got confused about the eviction vote. Only time will tell, as another CBB US eviction episode is set to air on Monday.


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