‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Omarosa And Keshia Lash Out At Women’s Alliance For Surprise Eviction Vote

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During the first-ever Celebrity Big Brother eviction, a blindside left some players in the house feeling confused and confounded. This led to confrontation and conflict among the women’s alliance, as Omarosa and Keshia Knight Pulliam were the only cast members in the group of seven who weren’t told the votes for eviction had been secretly switched.

When nominations took place days ago, the alliance of seven decided they wanted James Maslow gone. He was placed on the chopping block and Chuck Liddell was chosen to sit next to him as a pawn. Keshia had taken over the role of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Head of Household (HOH), winning the HOH Recast designation, and for most of the week, the plan to send James packing was solid.

As seen on Friday’s episode of CBB US, Shannon Elizabeth won the Power of Veto (POV) and both Keshia and Omarosa urged her to save Chuck from the eviction block and replace him with Mark McGrath, because he is a close ally of their intended eviction target, James.

After speaking with Ross Mathews, Shannon was convinced it was not in her best interest to shake things up and decided to leave the nominations as they were. It appeared to Shannon that Keshia and Omarosa were running the Celebrity Big Brother game, which prompted her to shake things up and attempt to sway a majority of her fellow houseguests to save James and send Chuck out the CBB US door.

The plan worked and Chuck became collateral damage of the women’s power play. In addition, Keshia and Omarosa were thoroughly blindsided by the move and were none too happy about Chuck’s eviction.


At about 7:43 p.m. CBB US house time, Brandi Glanville told Ross Mathews and Ariadna Gutierrez that Omarosa approached her and asked if she was going to go to sleep. Brandi claimed Omarosa then said Brandi should be happy because she and her “white girl alliance” were victorious, according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

Brandi told them Omarosa is trying to “make it a race thing and it’s not.”

Ross was taken aback by the conversation, as Brandi asserted “It’s a game.”

Ariadna was also surprised and stated, “Wow… ‘white girl alliance'” She shrugged and said “I’m not white, so…” and then shrugged once again, reports Joker’s Updates.

Not long after, at about 7:52 p.m., Shannon approached Omarosa asking her if she was okay, and Omarosa responded in kind. After Shannon reassured her they could talk anytime, Omarosa said, “I thought you’re not trying to be the evil scheming b****. That’s what you told me,” reports Joker’s Updates. Shannon wanted the entire alliance to get together and explain what happened with the eviction, but Omarosa insisted they should talk one-on-one first.

The two women headed to a BBCeleb back bedroom where they went back and forth about alliances and deal-making. Omarosa claimed she was not allies with anyone besides Shannon, which is untrue, as she was seen on Friday’s CBB US episode aligning with Keshia.

Shannon explained that she believed Keshia was in an alliance with Chuck and felt attacked when she decided not to use the POV to save him. Omarosa accused Shannon of making deals with Mark, which she denied. Eventually, Omarosa said to Shannon, “…I don’t mind blowing up everybody’s game…” She told Shannon, “Don’t lie to me,” and Shannon denied doing so.

Their discussion finally came to an end as seen in the video below:

As Shannon and Omarosa’s conversation was taking place, Keshia confronted Brandi and Marisa Jaret Winokur about the eviction vote. Marisa was apologetic about the whole situation, while Keshia said she understood it’s part of the game. Nevertheless, Keshia emphasized she won’t be “kumbaya” with those who blindsided her. On CBS All Access live feeds Keshia lamented that “as women” for some reason they couldn’t come together. She told them they made a compromise that blew up their own game. Keshia noted that she will now just sit back, “eat the popcorn” and watch them “kill each other” one by one.

Brandi said she hoped that they could all still be friends, however, Keshia responded, “When you make decisions there are also consequences for those decisions.” Keshia emphasized “…You can’t say, ‘F*** you,’ and… say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and take it back.”

“The people I consider real friends,” Keshia continued, “game or no game, it wouldn’t have happened like that.” Brandi reiterated evicting Chuck was simply CBB US gameplay. Despite this, Keshia insisted, “It’s going to come back and bite Y’all in the a**… really bad… really bad.” She then attacked Shannon, saying she is playing everyone and aligned with each and every cast member in the house.

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