Kate Gosselin Tells ‘People Magazine’ That Her Twins Have A ‘Limited Amount Of Time’ At Home

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Whenever Kate Gosselin gives an interview, she’s sure to get traction in the blogosphere — and her latest interview with People Magazine is no different.

Mady and Cara Gosselin — the elder Gosselin twins — recently turned 17-years-old, and their mother, Kate Gosselin, recently shared some photos of the all-grown-up twins on her Instagram.

While Kate told People Magazine that she “cherishes” every moment that she spends with her children, she also said that the children have a “limited amount of time” at home.

Naturally, this led to speculation that Kate Gosselin was kicking her children out of her house. But a closer look reveals that the opposite is true: It’s the twins, not Kate, that are pushing the issue of moving out.

Just before the twins turned 17-years-old, they sat down with People Magazine separately from their mother to talk about their future plans, and they didn’t involve staying around their childhood home for a long time.

Mady Gosselin said that she was interested in becoming a performer of some kind, and was also interested in writing a memoir about her time “growing up Gosselin.”

For her part, Mady’s twin sister, Cara, has much loftier ambitions than the entertainment industry.

“I want to go far away. I want to be a doctor,” she said, in the same interview with People Magazine.

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In addition, Kate Gosselin told People Magazine that she was actually quite sad about the kids growing up so fast, and she wasn’t looking forward to seeing an “empty nest.”

“Happy birthday to my girls! My heart hurts because you’re almost adults and will soon leave for college, yet it smiles because I am seeing who you’ve become: brilliant, beautiful, kind, caring, logical, responsible, empathetic, honest, amazing individuals!” she said, according to the International Business Times.

But even when the twins leave for college — or Hollywood — Kate Gosselin has six other children that recently turned 13-years-old that will still be home with her. Even though her son, Collin, is away at a school for what Kate calls “special needs,” his five other siblings — Aaden, Joel, Leah, Alexis, and Hannah — that will still be at home.

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In the end, Kate Gosselin believes that she’s going to end up as a “crazy cat lady, but with dogs” when all the children are out of the house.