Mother Gives Birth, Abandons Baby In Airport Bathroom With Note — Security Video Released In Search For Mom


The newborn baby found abandoned in an airport bathroom was left with a note from the mother, who is the woman that authorities are searching for today. Times have changed and in today’s world it is hard to stay anonymous for very long once you’ve been out in the public. Although authorities don’t know the identity of the mother who abandoned this baby, they have plenty of images of her via the airport security cameras.

The pictures of the mother that were taken from the airport security cameras have been released to the public in hopes someone will recognize her and come forward. She is seen walking through the airport with a bundle in her arms at one point during her time at Tucson International Airport. She is later seen in pictures without that bundle in her arms.

The woman is carrying “something wrapped in a blanket” and she is walking with a noticeable gait, which is described as “awkward,” according to ABC News. It is believed the woman is walking with that odd gait because she had just given birth somewhere inside the airport.

A pile of discarded bloody clothes were found later in the day after the baby was discovered. It is not known who found the baby, but the baby was discovered on a bathroom changing table, which is designed for mothers ease of use when changing their baby’s diapers. The 911 call came into local police department about an abandoned baby in the airport bathroom. The video that was pulled from the airport security cameras of the mother can be seen below.


The newborn baby boy was left alongside a handwritten note. The note was split in two with one plea sounded as if it came from the newborn’s perspective according to ABC 7 News.

“Please help me. My mom had no idea she was pregnant. She is unable and unfit to take care of me. Please get me to the authorities so they can find a good home.”


The second part sounded as if it were a plea from the mother.

“I just want what is best for him and it’s not me. Please, I’m sorry.”


According to ABC 7 News, it appears that the woman gave birth to the baby somewhere inside the airport then bundled up the newborn and carried the baby to a bathroom near the baggage claim area.