Police Still Hunting for Fifth Suspect In Santa Rosa Home Invasions

Sonoma County Sheriff's Department

Santa Rosa, California, police launched an immediate manhunt on Thursday after discovering that five people were suspected of taking part in two deadly home invasions. The first home invasion took place at 4:22 a.m. and the suspects allegedly shot the homeowner in the arm. The suspects then entered a second home at 6:45 a.m., where they shot a man multiple times. Although emergency first responders attempted to revive the victim with CPR, he passed away in his home shortly after the break-in.

Four Arrests Include Three People from Out-of-Town

Three of the suspects, all men, were apprehended yesterday at 9 a.m. in Vallejo after a car chase that ended in a crash. The fourth suspect was found at 5 p.m. at a Santa Rosa Motel 6. Santa Rosa police have released the names of those who have been arrested: Jonathan Jackson, 19, David Ealey, 23, Tyrone Mcrae, 25, and Mussie Himed, 27. Of the four, only Himed is a Santa Rosa resident. The others hail from New York, Virginia and Mississippi, respectively.

One Suspect is Still on the Run

Santa Rosa officers are still actively searching for their fifth suspect, Amber Hembree. The 20-year-old is from Richmond, Virginia, and police have warned the public that she is most likely armed and dangerous. Witnesses last reported spotting Hembree in the Valley yesterday morning. Hembree is reportedly a known Crips gang member who goes by the nickname Skittles.

The Santa Rosa Sherriff’s office has released photos of the suspect. Anyone with any information about Hembree are urged to contact the Santa Rosa police department.

Motive Behind the Home Invasions and Murder

The motive for the two Santa Rosa home invasions is still being determined, but police believe that marijuana and money were a major factor. No evidence of any type of drug activity was found at the first targeted home, but the homeowner told police that the suspects demanded money and marijuana.

Police and the Sonoma County Home Invasion
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The second home, on Melcon Lane, contained evidence of a potential marijuana growing and selling operation. Public records indicate the homeowners are Jose Luis Torres, Jr. and Adrianna Pereyra-Torres, but no clarification has been given regarding whether or not Torres was the murder victim.

A city inspector visited the Torres home in October after receiving a complaint about marijuana cultivation. During the visit, no evidence was found to support this complaint. However, records do show that permits were filed in January with the apparent intention of receiving legal permission to cultivate marijuana on-site.

There is no official word regarding how the five suspects knew each other or why the four people from out of state were in California at the time of the home invasions. Santa Rosa police are likely to release more details after the fifth home invasion suspect, Hembree, is apprehended.