February 9, 2018
'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Racial Lines Drawn In 'BB' House Plus Live Eviction Target Shifts

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers show that the house flipped overnight and there's uncertainty heading into tonight's first live eviction of the CBB US short season. With Chuck and James on the block, viewers tonight will see what live feeders already know – Shannon wins PoV and leaves the nominations the same after a brief discussion about pulling down Chuck and putting Mark up as a replacement nom to punish him for accusing the girls of cheating during the spelling Power of Veto comp.

HGs Worry Racial Lines Drawn

Despite being miles apart in their political beliefs, Big Brother houseguests Omarosa and Keshia have rapidly bonded and are now locked tight. Last night, Keshia and Omarosa hung out much of the night in the HoH room while James worked hard to save himself from eviction. On Thursday's episode, it was clear that Metta wants to go home and is upset that the women didn't nominate him. Metta is friendly with both Keshia and Omarosa, and the ladies promised that he'll be next to go, per his request. CBB US spoilers from the live feeds say that it's the vote flipping talk that could draw racial lines in the house.

Shannon talked to James about keeping him, but Ross and Marissa had major concerns, according to Big Brother Network. They recognize that evicting Chuck instead of James will upset Omarosa and Keshia and put them, along with Metta, against the rest of the house. Marissa told Ross it would be "disgusting" to set up a situation where it could be black versus white houseguests. They agreed it would be wrong and is a reason to not flip their vote, but will they stick with that stance? More action late last night and this morning in the Big Brother house reveal the vote is still very fluid.

Flip-Flopping On Live Feeds

A little after 10:30 p.m. last night, Shannon tried to convince Ross that keeping James was a smarter move, but he says it's not okay. Ross shared his thought about the racial considerations. Shannon said she's talking about breaking up Keshia and Omarosa's obvious alliance, and Metta isn't a part of that equation. Shannon wants to target Keshia in Week 2 since she's locked out of playing in the HoH comp because of her takeover advantage. At about midnight, Ross took his concerns about the potential for a perceived racial divide in the house to Mark.

Ross told Mark that the others want to keep James but said if Metta then aligns with Keshia and Omarosa, the rest of them could look bad. Mark saw what Ross was saying and is worried they would look bad. The crux of this battle is that Shannon has become convinced that Keshia is plotting against the ladies and has side deals. Meanwhile, others have concluded that Shannon might also have lots of side deals. Paranoia ran rampant last night in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Counting Votes - Who's Going Home Tonight?

The Big Brother: Celebrity Edition HGs are still playing hard and the decision on how to vote could run right up to the last moment. Chuck figured out he may be in trouble and was talking game with Metta on how to appeal for last-minute votes. As of this writing, although everything is shifting by the minute, the voting blocks seem to be as follows.

  • Omarosa and Metta should vote to evict James with Keshia only voting in case of a tie.
  • Shannon, Brandi, and Ariadna should vote to evict Chuck.
  • Marissa, Ross, and Mark are still up in the air but it seems increasingly likely they will vote against Chuck.
Celebrity Big Brother Chuck and Omarosa

Shannon is pushing hard to convince Marissa to vote with them, but Marissa thinks that James will be a jerk to everyone if he gets to stay. Marissa told Shannon that she has to tell James not to be a "cocky b***h" if they do decide to save him. As of now, it looks like Chuck Liddell will be down for the count on a 6-2 vote but at least he's going down fighting which is what you'd expect from an MMA and UFC champ.

Catch up on the latest CBB scoop on Brandi's anti-Semitic antics, info on the next two live evictions plus photos from the HoH comp, and the rumors of one last houseguest. Tonight is the first live eviction of CBB US, and there's another live eviction coming on Monday's episode. Tune into CBS tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern for a two-hour episode featuring the first Big Brother: Celebrity Edition PoV comp, live eviction, and Week 2 HoH comp. Check back often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.