Chris Hemsworth Shares How He Struggled To Convince Wife, Elsa Pataky, To Move To Australia

Mark KolbeGetty Images

Fans of Chris Hemsworth know that the actor, who is originally from Australia, currently lives in his home country with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and their three children. However, what fans may not know is that it was actually a struggle for Hemsworth at first to convince his wife that they should leave their home in Los Angeles, and move to Australia.

According to the Daily Mail, Chris Hemsworth recently revealed what it was like to get his wife to move, and how he ultimately convinced her to make the big transition from life in Los Angeles to life in Byron Bay. The Thor actor said that he knew that if he could get Elsa Pataky to the Byron Bay area she would not want to leave because it is a place that feels like a permanent vacation. While talking about his family, Hemsworth said that he knew what he needed to do was get her to visit Australia, so he could show her what it would be like to live there and that, “I just needed to bring her here and then it was hard to get her to leave.”

Chris Hemsworth explained that life in Los Angeles can feel very overwhelming at times, and even suffocating. The actor said that one of the reasons for this is that almost everyone that he ran across was someone already in the entertainment industry. However, while life might be overwhelming in Los Angeles, the couple was settled at the time and had already started their family.

While life in Los Angeles felt like one was constantly interacting with work people, it seems that Australia is definitely different. Chris Hemsworth said that living in his area, or really anywhere in Australia, means living with people who do many “different jobs and professions,” rather than just associating with people who are part of show business. On top of associating with people with different backgrounds, the actor also explained that he also wanted to be around people who were “laid-back, warm.” Hemsworth said that the “welcoming attitude is something my wife instantly responded to and that I wanted my kids to embody, I wanted my kids to be influenced by that sort of attitude as well.”

In the past, Chris Hemsworth has said that while he enjoyed living in Los Angeles, it never quite felt like he was really home. Now that he is back in Australia with his family, things have changed and he and his wife feel like they have exactly what they were looking for, a place to raise their children and give them the kind of childhood he had growing up.

Although it may have been a bit of a struggle to convince Elsa Pataky to move to Australia at first, it seems that Chris Hemsworth knew what he was doing when he brought his wife to Byron Bay. Ever since they originally made the move to Australia, the couple has embraced their new home and often share pictures and videos on Instagram showing their life in the Byron Bay area.