YouTube Suspends Ads On Logan Paul’s Channels After Troubling Videos

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

YouTube has had enough of Logan Paul’s antics. The video-sharing site has decided to temporarily cut off Paul’s ad revenue after the star’s string of controversies.

A YouTube spokesperson released a statement to the Verge saying that YouTube decided to “temporarily suspend” the ads on Paul’s YouTube channels after his recent “pattern of behavior” showed that Paul’s content was “unsuitable” for advertisers and could even be “damaging” to the YouTube community as a whole.

YouTube also said that it decided to suspend Paul’s ads because he tried to monetize at least one video that violates its guidelines for advertiser-friendly content.

This comes after a number of scandals on Paul’s channels, though. The famous YouTuber first sparked outrage when he filmed a suicide victim’s body in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, which has been called the “suicide forest” because it’s become a site with one of the highest rates of suicide.

Paul faced immediate backlash following the controversy and stopped creating his daily vlogs amidst the controversy. According to the Washington Post, Paul then filmed a video of himself listening to suicide prevention experts and swore to donate $1 million to suicide prevention organizations. He then returned to YouTube earlier this month claiming he was sorry, he’d learned his lesson, and he was a new man.

Instead of showing he’d changed in his new content, though, Paul encouraged his young fans to participate in the dangerous Tide Pod Challenge, took a fish out of his pond to pretend to give it CPR, and used a stun gun and tasered two dead rats on his patio.


Many found the dead rat video particularly disturbing since Paul had just gotten in trouble for showing a video of a dead body.

So YouTube, which had already removed premium ad content from Paul’s channels, has suspended all of Paul’s ad revenue in its harshest punishment yet. According to Variety, YouTube has also put an age restriction on Paul’s videos.

Suspending Paul’s ads, even temporarily, could be a huge blow to the YouTuber. As the Verge notes, Paul’s ads earn him an income of about $1 million per month. While this isn’t where all of Paul’s money comes from since he also sells merchandise and is still gaining followers, his net worth will take a big hit, and this is a sign that YouTube will come down hard on inappropriate content.