Kim Kardashian Posts Topless Instagram Photo Taken By 4-Year-Old Daughter North West, Comments Section Erupts

Charley GallayGetty Images for Bumble

Kim Kardashian is once again facing backlash for posting a photo to Instagram that has garnered nearly 40,000 comments and 2.5 million likes in 23 hours. The photo’s caption shows a flashing camera’s emoji, describing that it was a photo taken by Kim and Kanye West’s four-year-old daughter, North West. North can even be seen in the background of the photo, her face hidden behind the flash of the phone’s camera. In the foreground, Kardashian stands staring in the mirror, with her bra partially removed. Kim wears black ZXU leggings as she stares in the mirror.

As reported by Complex, the reactions to Kim’s photo – specifically the fact that her young daughter took the photo – aren’t all positive. The comments section of the Instagram post is accusing Kim of not being a good parent by allowing North to take such a provocative photo. Others are saying that Kim should be ashamed and calling Kardashian a woman who is desperate for attention.

The Independent reported that while some Instagram users are calling Kim’s photo “weird and creepy,” others are deeming it normal behavior for mothers and daughters during dress-up and play time. Comments being left on Kim’s photo say she’s teaching North the wrong message with the sexy photo.

“Hey sweetie imma unclip my bra can u please take a picture of mommy for me. Take notes.”

Kim is once again begin accused of trying to steal the limelight from Kylie Jenner, who recently gave birth to a baby girl named Stormi.


Kardashian is receiving a load of comments calling the photo inappropriate, specifically because North was involved. Kim’s fans are defending her choice to post the Instagram photo, writing that North was likely playing with her mom’s phone as she captured an innocent moment. Women with their own daughters are writing about how their kids also capture them in various moments on camera throughout the day.

Detractors claim that Kim is exploiting herself and teaching her daughter the wrong lessons about beauty. The comments range a wide gamut, from some folks accusing Kim of borderline pedophilia and child abuse while others are writing that folks need to calm down and stop ascribing bad attributes to an innocent mother-daughter moment that became a teachable moment about body confidence.