WWE News: WWE Has Big Plans In Store For Broken Matt Hardy

When Matt Hardy left Impact Wrestling, the two sides went to war with each other over the ownership of the Broken Matt Universe. While the parties made threats, Impact Wrestling sent cease-and-desist letters, and burned bridges during their battles, and Impact Wrestling caved in first. In an unprecedented move, Impact Wrestling chose to allow all wrestlers, including Matt Hardy, to keep the gimmicks they created and use them in other wrestling promotions. In the WWE, Matt Hardy became Woken Matt Hardy, and he relaunched his wrestling persona. However, it looks like there may be more of the Broken Universe coming, as PWInsider reported that Impact Wrestling struck a secondary agreement with the WWE.

Impact Wrestling Licenses Broken Universe To WWE

While Matt Hardy and the WWE immediately began to use the Broken Universe, albeit with a different name in "Woken," there was something else that Impact Wrestling held. While Hardy was in Impact Wrestling, he put on some fantastic shows using his Broken Universe, and while Hardy and the WWE can use the gimmick itself, Impact Wrestling still owns all the past footage of the Broken Universe.

According to Impact Wrestling on Thursday, they have licensed content from Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy and their time in the company. The wrestling promotion specifically licensed much of the material from the Broken Universe to the WWE. The total amount of footage licensed remains unknown, but the WWE will have access to Broken Universe footage to use in the future.

What This Means For Matt Hardy And The WWE

There are a couple of ideas for what this means for the WWE. For one thing, they can use footage of Matt Hardy during his time as Broken Matt in Impact Wrestling. This could include Final Deletion, Delete or Decay, and Total Nonstop Deletion. Believe it or not, one of these matches included the Rock N Roll Express.

This footage could come into play when, and if, Woken Matt Hardy has a unique match comparable to Final Deletion. With Jeremy Borash leaving Impact Wrestling for the WWE, that is possible.

The bigger idea is that this footage could end up used in a WWE special. The WWE is currently working on both a WWE 24 special for the WWE Network and a brand-new Hardy Boyz DVD, both of which could become best-sellers with the Broken Universe footage on them.

Outside of the footage, Impact Wrestling announced they surrendered all rights to the Broken Universe back to Matt Hardy for use in the future, including the names Brother Nero, Broken Matt, Vanguard 1, and Senior Benjamin.

Impact Wrestling also has a Broken Universe DVD planned and in the works, so fans of the Matt Hardy gimmick could have lots of options in the near future.