Facebook ‘Downvote’ Button Appears: Thumbs-Down Dislike Choice Is Here For Some Users’ Comments

Justin SullivanGetty Images

Facebook has added the option to not just like or reply to certain comments, but also to “downvote” comments on Facebook. The social network is buzzing with Facebook users asking, “What’s this downvote button business? DID WE JUST GET A DISLIKE BUTTON?!?!?!?!”

According to the Daily Beast, Facebook is indeed testing out a brand new feature that will let some Facebook users “downvote” a comment, which is in essence adding a “dislike” to the comment. In screenshots of the new Facebook option, the new “downvote” button shows up to the right of the “like” and “reply” options usually found beneath Facebook comments.

Unlike the multiple Facebook reactions that allow users to like a post, love it, mark it with a surprise “wow” face, or issue a crying sad emoji face or a red and angry face, the “downvote” button has not yet shown up as one of the Facebook reactions in any readily findable screenshots. In fact, according to the Daily Beast tweet below, the downvote button has appeared in some comments found in Facebook groups or in the Facebook memories posts of some users.

As seen on Facebook, folks are writing about the new “downvote” button that allows people to express their dissatisfaction with comments that they do not like.


The “downvote” option began popping up on the Facebook comments section on Thursday, but only for some users. Not all Facebook users saw the downvote link in their Facebook groups or old Facebook memories. Facebook has not yet released an official statement about the long-awaited dislike button, after years of not having a Facebook thumbs-down option.

It’s not clear if Facebook will take any actions against comments that receive an extraordinary amount of downvotes, or if those comments with the most downvotes will be hidden or appear at the bottom of a post with better-rated comments.


Meanwhile, Twitter has been filling with opinions about the downvote button, with the social media network finally testing out a button that users have begged for over the years. Previously Facebook had rejected implementing a dislike button, which “had been rejected on the grounds that it would sow too much negativity.”