Robyn Brown Is Only Wife Standing By Kody Amid 'Sister Wives' Cancellation Speculation , Says 'In Touch'

Mandy Robinson

There has been a lot of talk about Sister Wives being canceled due to ratings being down. The Inquisitr shared not long ago that TLC may not be bringing the show back next season. The reports are that this season will be the last one of the show, but TLC hasn't actually confirmed that news just yet.

Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that Robyn Brown may be the only wife that is going to stick with Kody after this all goes down. This is according to a source and the family isn't speaking out just yet. The source says that Kody is actually blaming everyone for the show being canceled, but himself. He allegedly isn't taking any of the blame.

When the show started, the Brown family seemed really happy, but things have changed since then. Now, it is obvious that Meri isn't sure about staying with the family and has been doing other things. It is clear that all of the wives don't get together all the time.

The insider also shared that Meri Brown hasn't been forgiven by her husband Kody just yet for the fact that she was talking to someone online. Meri had feelings for this person but then figured out that she was being catfished and it was really a woman she was talking to all along. The source said that since Meri Brown opened up her bed and breakfast she isn't really living in Las Vegas anymore. It sounds like she is spending most of her time in Utah and the source says that Kody Brown is fine with this decision.

It sounds like there isn't going to be a new season of Sister Wives and the fans will just have to wait and see what happens. Meri not being around could make it a lot harder for the show to stick around. Now, it sounds like Robyn may be the only wife that is sticking by him. The source said that Robyn Brown seems to be the only wife that is going to stick around with Kody. These two are the only ones that have really young children at home. They do seem happy together.