Melania Trump ‘Probably Enjoys Just Sitting Beside The Pool’ Says Tina Brown, Claims Trump Poured Wine On Her

John MinchilloAP Images

Tina Brown is an editor who hasn’t been shy about detailing her experiences with President Donald Trump. As reported by the Inquisitr, Brown told CBS Sunday Morning about the time that Trump allegedly “emptied wine down her dress” because he was so mad about an article that exposed the fact that he had a book of Hitler’s speeches.

Brown’s book, The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992, revealed plenty of the ways that Tina’s view of Donald has changed over the years. Mr. Trump was a person who was initially entertaining to Tina, but he grew annoying over time.

But when thinking about First Lady Melania Trump, Brown said, “Melania is underestimated.”

According to Politico, Tina thought that Melania was probably doing a similar job that most first ladies have accomplished, with Tina calling some former first ladies decorative.

“She’s doing as good a job as a lot of other first ladies have done of just being decorative, not doing anything embarrassing, being dignified and pleasant. She probably enjoys just sitting beside the pool and never said she didn’t. I think she’s an authentic person, and I quite like her.”

Tina also spoke about Donald being the type of person who made her laugh, especially as he would talk about losing weight on the popular Atkins diet. However, now that Trump is in the White House, Tina views him as a person who is much different than the lovable “entertaining con man” she knew in the 1980s.


Brown rose to power in her own right during the time that Trump was hailed as a rich real estate magnate decades ago. Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump made an “unwise” move, according to Tina, when she decided to join her dad in the White House. Tina claimed that Ivanka could have been more powerful if she had chosen to remain in New York and separate herself from her dad’s politics.

Tina gave plenty of kudos to Ivana Trump for helping Donald rise to the position of power he enjoys – a feat that Brown says the president’s first wife does not get enough credit for. After they divorced, Donald wasn’t on the social scene as much – at least for 10 years.

“He went from the color of pale shrimp to beet red. I do think that night was absolutely critical to making him run, and that’s when he went absolutely dark.”

However, Tina believes that Trump “has gotten increasingly darker” over the years. Tina was right behind Trump in 2011 when he was the butt of many jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.