Kim Kardashian Dealing With Some Social Media Backlash Over Her New Perfume Launch

Charley GallayGetty Images

When Kim Kardashian announced towards the end of January that she would be releasing a brand new perfume just in time for Valentine’s Day, there seemed to be a lot of excitement from fans of the reality star/businesswoman. After she made the announcement, Kardashian began heavily promoting the new fragrance line, Kimoji Hearts, across social media, even going so far as to send bottles to some of her friends, as well as her “enemies.” However, while fans may have been excited by Kim Kardashian’s newest perfume, it seems that she is still dealing with some backlash over the launch on social media.

According to Page Six, it seems that some of Kardashian’s customers were unhappy after they received their new perfume because it did not come with the giant chocolate hearts and wooden hammers that were featured in the promotional social media posts. While people like Paris Hilton and Khloe Kardashian showed videos and pictures of breaking into these wooden hearts with the KKW branded hammers they received, customers who purchased the fragrance did not get the same experience.

Although Kim Kardashian did explain that the giant heart boxes were part of the “press boxes” for the perfume launch, it seems that some fans did not understand that this meant they would not be getting the same experience as what they saw in the promotional social media posts. It is this apparent disappointment that has led to some backlash on sites like Twitter, where fans have expressed their unhappiness over what they claim is “false advertising.”

Even as Kim Kardashian has tried to clear things up by explaining that the hammers and large hearts were all part of the promotional experience, some customers have continued to share their dissatisfaction. One Twitter user said that they felt tricked by the Instagram and Snapchat posts because they believed that Kardashian was really selling the entire experience, and not just the fragrance itself. Other Twitter users asked how they could cancel their orders because they felt like they had been “suckered” into making the purchase.

While there were plenty of customers who were unhappy by the fact that they would not be getting everything shown in the Instagram and Snapchat promotions, there were also a lot of customers who came to Kim Kardashian’s defense. Whether they posted on their own or responded to some of the unhappy Twitter comments, these customers pointed out that Kardashian had been nothing but honest when she let people know that the giant hearts were press boxes. Still other customers said that at the $30 price point, there was no way that they would be getting everything shown on Instagram and Snapchat and that people should have expected to only get the bottle of perfume they ordered.

Even as some people have expressed their apparent unhappiness over not getting to smash open giant hearts with wooden hammers in order to get to their bottle of perfume, it is clear that Kim Kardashian has another win on her hands in terms of her new fragrance. With the new perfume having already sold out, it looks like the reality star will be looking for her next big thing to share with her followers.